By Ashley Lodato

Have you ever had a thing that you didn’t really need anymore, but you thought “This thing is just too good to toss?” If so, you will be delighted to hear that Methow Recycles runs a website specifically for these types of situations, where people can post information about their good, useable, but no-longer-necessary-to-them stuff. If you’re a seller, post your unwanted possessions on and alleviate some of your guilt for being a consumer. Shoppers, check out the 2good2toss website for bargains. You might not have thought that you needed a kiln or a jerky pistol, but once you see they’re free, you probably won’t be able to resist.

Ninety-degree heat gets most of us thinking about swimming, but the hard-core Nordic skiers around here never seem to stop thinking about snow, no matter what summer throws at them. Quite a few of the junior racers spent much of the summer at various ski camps around the region, including Novie McCabe and Gretta Scholz, Methow Valley skiers who qualified for the U16 National Training Camp. Novie was a top-20 ranked skier last winter and Gretta was the other top female skier in the Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA), so both were invited to the national camp. The two spent a week in July in Duluth, Minnesota, doing dry land training with other top-ranked skiers. Says coach Leslie Hall, “Novie and Gretta placed well in the uphill running time trial at the camp: first place for Novie and sixth for Gretta! And they did well in the strength testing too. We are fortunate to have such motivated and talented young skiers. They are great role models for others.”

Then in August the Bend Endurance Academy hosted their summer PNSA camp in the Methow due to permitting issues in the Trout Lake area, where they usually host the camp. Bend brought a bunch of athletes and several Methow Valley skiers joined the camp, which was based out of Pearrygin Lake State Park. You might have seen the skiers running or roller-skiing around town, or scrambling up ridges in the mountains.

Does anyone know anything about the giant inflatable thing floating around in Patterson Lake? It’s sort of a novelty and has, admittedly, provided some fun for the kids, but it’s just an enormous piece of vinyl that I fear is going to eventually wind up as a pile of trash, either at the bottom of the lake or clogging the outflow. Maybe after Labor Day someone can pilot the ship down to the boat launch and pull it out to be stored for the winter?


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