Every vote matters

Dear Editor:

When I wrote you last month about the recent primary election, I noted that we had a chance for real change at the county level, with two seats open. It is looking even better now. Our district eliminated the incumbent. Two good candidates, Ashley Thrasher and Andy Hover, will be on the final ballot.

In district 1, they voted for a great candidate, Chris Branch, to take on the incumbent Sheila Kennedy. We couldn’t vote in the district 1 primary. But — and this is important for everyone to understand — in the next round the voting is county wide. We all vote for both District 1 and District 2 commissioners.

I recently got to hear and meet Chris Branch for the first time. I was very impressed with his experience and platform proposals. (You can read them on his website.) With Chris and either Ashley or Andy as commissioners, we can finally start dealing sensibly with real county problems.

When you look at the close vote numbers in the primary and in past years’ elections, it should be obvious that every vote in Okanogan County does matter. However one feels about the big statewide or national elections, please don’t forget that a lot of how we live on a daily basis depends on our county government. We have a rare opportunity to make a real difference and improve all our lives right now by electing Chris Branch. Don’t miss that chance. Please vote!

Randy Brook, Twisp