Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

Aug. 1

OVERDUE HIKERS: Deputies were asked to check on two hikers who were expected to be coming off the trail at Rainy Pass on Highway 20 and were overdue.

ASSAULT: Caller on Witte Road, Winthrop, reported that another person hit her with a spoon, pulled her hair and shoved her to the ground.

PROTECTION ORDER: Caller on Poorman Creek Road, Twisp, was concerned about her ex-husband violating a protection order.

SUICIDAL PERSON: Caller on Highway 20, Twisp, was concerned about another person who was making threats to shoot himself.

Aug. 3

PARKING PROBLEM: A parking problem was reported on Belsby Road, Winthrop.

VICIOUS ANIMAL: It was reported that a young boy was bitten by a dog at a resort on Bear Creek Road, Winthrop.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: Caller reported several cows loose on Rader Road, Winthrop.

THREAT: It was reported that two men in an orchard camp on Burma Road, Methow, got into an argument and one threatened the other with a machete.

Aug. 4

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller on Fawn Meadow Lane, Winthrop, reported unusual traffic in their driveway.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: An assault related to a domestic dispute was reported at a location on Highway 20, Winthrop.

DEAD ANIMAL: A dead deer was reported to be partially on the roadway on Highway 20, Winthrop.

ACCIDENT: Caller reported that while driving on Elbow Coulee Road, Twisp, he was run off the road by another driver and suffered a knee injury from the impact.

FRAUD: Caller on Brengman Road, Winthrop, reported that someone attacked their computer and threated to shoot the caller if they didn’t pay $2,500.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Caller on Barnaby Road, Winthrop, reported that another person threatened to “kick her ass.”

Aug. 5

HARASSMENT: Caller on Highway 153, Carlton, reported they were being harassed by someone they are supposed to testify against.

WEAPONS OFFENSE: Illegal shooting was reported I the Moccasin Lake Ranch Road area, Winthrop.

ILLEGAL BURNING: Possible illegal burning was reported on Barnaby Road, Winthrop.

ACCIDENT: A non-injury accident was reported on Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop.

STRAY ANIMAL: A stray steer was reported on East Chewuch Road, Winthrop.

THEFT: Caller reported that a license plate was taken from a vehicle parked on the side of Highway 20, Twisp.

Aug. 6

ILLEGAL BURNING: Caller reported seeing a campfire burning near Methow.

Aug. 7

ASSAULT: Caller on Poorman Creek Road, Twisp, reported being assaulted by her husband.

Twisp Police Department

Aug. 3

CIVIL ISSUE: Caller on Canyon Street asked for information about options related to an active restraining order against another person.

NOISE COMPLAINT: Loud music was reported on Magers Street.

Aug. 4

ABANDONED VEHICLE: An abandoned vehicle was reported on Magers Street.

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: Malicious mischief was reported at the Methow Valley Community Center, Highway 20.

Aug. 5

THEFT: A theft was reported on Industrial Park Avenue.

Aug. 6

UNCONSCIOUS PERSON: Caller reported that a man in a vehicle on North Methow Valley Highway would not wake up.

ACCIDENT: A motorcycle accident was reported on Highway 153, Carlton.

CIVIL DISPUTE: Caller on East Fourth Avenue was concerned that a person they have a restraining order against and who just got of jail might break into the caller’s residence.

TRESPASS: A trespassing incident was reported on East Methow Valley Highway.

HARASSMENT: Harassment was alleged at a location on Highway 20 north of Twisp.

Aug. 7

ASSAULT: An assault was reported on Poorman Creek Road.

ANIMAL ABUSE: Caller reported that a dog had been left in a vehicle on Riverside Avenue for more than an hour and was howling.

Winthrop Marshal’s Office

Aug. 1

FOUND PROPERTY: A found boat trailer license was turned in at Town Hall.

CHECK ON PERSONAL WELFARE: Request to check the personal welfare of a person on Engler Street who had seemed suicidal.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Caller on Washington Street reported an alleged stalking incident.

Aug. 2

PARKING PROBLEM: A vehicle was reported parked on the sidewalk on Bluff Street.

INJURED ANIMAL: An injured deer was reported on Highway 20.

Aug. 4

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: A domestic dispute involving an assault was reported at a location on Highway 20.

Aug. 5

ANIMAL ABUSE: It was reported that a dog was in a vehicle on White Avenue for at least half an hour and was panting heavily.

Okanogan County Superior Court

Joseph Theodore Jones, 25, of Twisp, pleaded guilty July 26 to second-degree burglary, first-degree theft, third-degree malicious mischief and tampering with a witness (lesser included charge to intimidating a witness). The court dismissed three additional charges: possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, possession of useable marijuana and attempted delivery of marijuana. Jones was sentenced to a total of 17 months in prison and fined $1,260.50 for the Dec. 10, 2015 crimes. A restitution hearing will be set at a later date.

Okanogan County District Court

Aaron Ashley Arlotta, 27, of Carlton, pleaded guilty to obstruction of a law-enforcement officer, reckless driving and third-degree DWLS. Arlotta was sentenced to 364 days in jail with 359 days suspended, and fined a total of $1,226.

Jacob R. Hope, 26, of Twisp, pleaded guilty to second-degree driving with license suspended. Hope received a 364-day suspended sentence and fined $686.

Laura Lee Munson, 48, of Winthrop, pleaded guilty to failure to transfer a title within 45 days. Munson received a 90-day suspended sentence and fined $613.

Roy Shane Skelton, 47, of Twisp, pleaded guilty to two counts of violation of a no-contact order. Skelton was sentenced to 364 days in jail with 363 days suspended, and fined $466.

Marriage licences

Julie Marie Tate Libby, 39, Carlton, and Todd Lee Eberline, 46, Twisp.