Scary rhetoric

Dear Editor:

Re: Last week’s “No Bad Days” column in Methow Valley News. Thanks, Don, for telling it like it is. Trump is a horror. Last time we heard this kind of rhetoric was on the eve of World War II. I cannot imagine why any sane, decent person would support him. 

Julianne Seeman, Mazama

Pool party a success

Dear Editor:

The pool and park party to celebrate 50 years of the Wagner Memorial Pool was a huge success. In spite of issues raised in last week’s paper, the pool is wonderful and well loved. The leaks are better and the whole structure is fantastic. So many people turned out for the fun making it a terrific party. Kids told us how much they love the pool. Parents told us how much they appreciate having a pool especially for their children’s swim lessons and great family fun. Big thanks to Room One and the Wagner Foundation for scholarships to help with the cost of pool passes and lessons. Big thanks to everyone who helped put the celebration together — it was a truly wonderful community event.

Thanks everyone for coming. 

Patty Yates, Friends of the Pool, Twisp