No-Bad-DaysBy Don Nelson

For all of you who have been asking about when we will publish “Living With Alzheimer’s: The Don Reddington Project,” we now have an answer. The magazine-style publication will be included in the Aug. 31 issue of the Methow Valley News, and then will be widely distributed both locally and beyond the valley about a week after that. We plan to print about 10,000 copies, which will be available for free to anyone who asks.

In a series of eight articles that appeared last year in the News, “Living with Alzheimer’s,” Don wrote about the disease, its affects, his coping mechanisms and his relationships with family and friends, notably the late Jerry Bristol. The articles were written in collaboration with Raleigh Bowden, M.D., Katie and Josephine Bristol, and former Methow Valley News reporter Laurelle Walsh.

Because of popular demand for the articles, we worked with Don and his wife, Ginger, to find a way to publish them all in one place. We decided to put together a publication that will also include all eight articles along with information from the Alzheimer’s Association about detecting and treating the disease, as well as an article about Jerry Bristol.

Funding for the project is coming from two sources: a grant from our sponsoring partner, the Lookout Coalition at Room One in Twisp, and donations through the YouCaring fundraising site that was set up by the Reddingtons.

We and the Reddingtons are grateful beyond expression for the generosity of those who contributed to the YouCaring site, or dropped checks off at North Cascades Bank, or came by the News office to add their contributions. We set a goal of $9,500 to cover all the editorial, production and distribution costs of the magazine, and have exceeded that.

Those donations insure that we can produce a quality magazine and print enough copies to meet what we expect will be high demand. The Reddingtons have decided that any funds that aren’t needed for production will go back to Room One. All donors will be recognized in the magazine, unless they choose to remain anonymous.

Ginger, an accomplished artist, donated one of her paintings to be given away to a donor in drawing that will be held soon. Don will draw the lucky name from among those who contributed.

The Methow Valley News is also offering advertising opportunities for those who want to be associated with the project.

The magazine will be similar to our other special publications, with a glossy four-color cover. It will also feature photography by the Reddingtons’ daughter Donni and by local photographer Steve Mitchell.

Production is now underway so we can meet our deadlines. We’re excited about bringing the idea to life in a way  that will honor Don’s journey and help thousands of others — and their loved ones — who are dealing with Alzheimer’s. We especially want to thank Don Reddington for his courage, vision and generosity in sharing his story.


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