By Ashley Lodato

Many of you will remember that Randy Thordarson underwent kidney transplant surgery last December, thanks to a kidney donated by a friend and former fellow band member, Kelley Reid (get the whole story here:

Major surgery hasn’t affected Randy’s musical ability, however. Au contraire, it has made him even more eager to create and enjoy music, especially with his band, The Rondos, which consists of Randy, Kelley (the organ donor) and a couple of other guys.

The back story on The Rondos is that they formed decades ago and played gigs throughout western Washington. But eventually one member moved to San Francisco, Kelley (the organ donor) moved to England to teach at an American School, and Randy and his wife, Kathy Carney, moved to Winthrop.

The band members kept in touch, however, and occasionally played at venues in the valley: local weddings, New Year’s Eve at the Winthrop Barn, and the Libby Jam.

Kelley travels to Washington each summer to visit family and friends, and in planning this year’s trip he indicated that he’d like to have a band reunion. Kathy got in touch with former band members, all of whom were excited to reunite The Rondos in the Methow.

So Randy and Kathy decided that it would be a good opportunity to throw a dance party to show their appreciation for all the love and support they received from their Methow family during the time that Randy was waiting for a kidney and recovering from transplant surgery.

“Everyone has been so generous and supportive,” says Kathy. “How many times did I run into Hank’s for veggies and it would take me 20 minutes to get out the door because people were lovingly concerned. It’s wonderful. We want to thank everyone for their continued love and support.”

Kathy adds that the dance party will also serve as an acknowledgement of Randy and Kathy’s gratitude to Kelley for his selfless and generous kidney donation. “It was a courageous and amazingly loving act. Hard to believe,” says Kathy.

The dance party will be held at the Twisp Grange on Sunday (July 10) starting at 5 p.m. with instrumental jazz played by Kelley and another band member, so Randy can visit with friends and family. Then the complete band as well as some local musicians will play rock-and-roll dance tunes so everyone can kick up their heels. BYO beverage and snacks, or just come and dance.


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