Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

June 20

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller on Lost River Road, Mazama, reported a suspicious vehicle driving through the neighborhood.

SEARCH AND RESCUE: A man was injured after he fell from a climbing wall on Lost River Road, Mazama.

June 22

TRESPASSING: A possible trespassing incident was reported on Twisp River Road.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Caller on East Fourth Avenue, Twisp, reported that a person was outside with a hammer, breaking things and yelling profanities.

June 23

FOUND PROPERTY: An abandoned bicycle was reported on Balky Hill Road, Twisp.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: A domestic incident was reported on Chase Road, Winthrop.

June 24

CIVIL DISPUTE: Caller on North Gold Creek Road, Carlton, reported having a confrontation with a neighbor who shoved the caller.

ACCIDENT: A motorcycle accident was reported on Highway 20 west of Mazama. The driver was injured.

CIVIL DISPUTE: Caller on Burgar Street, Twisp, reported that a neighbor was unloading wood onto the caller’s property, and was also urinating outdoors in view of caller’s children. Caller thought the person was probably intoxicated.

COWS IN THE ROAD: Three cows were reported in the roadway on Highway 20 near Winthrop.

June 25

TRAFFIC OFFENSE: Caller on Gold Creek Road, Carlton, reported that a neighbor was driving an ATV illegally and that it was an ongoing problem.

NOISE COMPLAINT: Caller on West Buttermilk Creek Road, Twisp, reported an ongoing problem with loud music at a neighbor’s residence.

June 26

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller on Texas Creek Road, Carlton, reported that a truck was stuck in the creek after doing some off-road driving.

ASSAULT: Caller on Ponderosa Lane, Twisp, reported an assault by a person who was behaving violently and was known to carry a knife.

June 27

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller on Texas Creek Road, Carlton, reported that a suspicious vehicle drove up behind the caller’s property.

Twisp Police Department

June 20

TRESPASSING: Caller on East Fourth Avenue reported that a friend was staying with the caller, and that her boyfriend was behaving violently.

HARASSMENT: Caller on East Fourth Avenue reported that a male subject had returned and was throwing rocks at the caller’s windows and screaming.

June 21

CHECK ON PERSONAL WELFARE: Caller on White Avenue reported that a person was lying on a trail next to a bicycle for the past 20 minutes or so.

ASSAULT: An assault was reported outside an apartment building East Second Avenue.

June 22

UNSECURED PREMISES: An open door was reported at a location on Hagerman Street.

ASSAULT: Caller on Libby Creek Road, Carlton, reported coming home and noticing that some flowers were pulled up and a pole was across the driveway.

June 24

WILDLAND FIRE: A wildland fire that started as a controlled burn was reported on Lewisia Road, Winthrop.

June 25

TRAFFIC HAZARD: A traffic hazard was reported at Twin Lakes Road and Highway 20.

MEDICAL PROBLEM: Caller reported that a man was “smoking a bowl” in the middle of White Avenue, Winthrop, and was kicking his own truck.

June 26

THEFT: A theft was reported on West Second Avenue.

Winthrop Marshal’s Office

June 22

MEDICAL PROBLEM: A man was reportedly slightly unconscious on Riverside Avenue.

Marriage licenses

Cheryl Elizabeth Steinbach, 44, Winthrop, and Bernd Odenthal, 52, Osoyoos