Interviews scheduled for later this month

By Ann McCreary

The Town of Twisp has received applications from five candidates for an entry-level police officer position in the Twisp Police Department.

Each candidate has passed written and physical testing and indicated they want to work in Twisp, said Civil Service Commission secretary Jackie Moriarty.

The town is in the process of setting up an oral board to interview candidates, with a projected date of June 29, she said.

The board usually is comprised of three people with law enforcement backgrounds and one community member, Moriarty said.

After candidates are ranked by the oral board, the mayor and police chief will conduct further interviews, she said.

The town first advertised for a lateral transfer, seeking an officer with previous job experience, but that did not produce any qualified candidates. An entry-level hire would require training at law enforcement academy before beginning work in Twisp.

The town provided funding in the 2016 budget to boost the town police department from two full-time officers to three. Twisp has also purchased a new patrol vehicle that will soon be outfitted with radios, light bars and other gear.

The Town of Winthrop recently hired a new marshal after a nearly six-month search that went through two rounds of candidate interviews. Hal Henning, former police chief of Seldovia, Alaska, starts June 27 in Winthrop.