By Sarah Schrock

Here’s something you didn’t know: 840,000 people. That’s roughly how many people would be required to eat a Popsicle the size of a blue whale. This was a question posed to me by my 4-year-old: “What if we made a Popsicle the size of a blue whale?” It would take more than the entire city of Seattle to eat it before it melted.

Well, you can fact-check my math, but if you figure a blue whale weighs 420,000 pounds and a generous Popsicle is 8 ounces or half a pound, then you’d need twice as many people to eat it per pound. I suppose this logic goes with any object. Now, what size Popsicle could the town of Twisp eat? A 500-pound pop, about the size of a grizzly bear. So now that that’s settled, if you read my article last week, you know all the spots to buy Popsicles in town.

A few years ago, for a summer learning project at home we measured the length of blue whale (90 feet), equal to two school bus lengths, with chalk on the street. We drew the whale and walked along its body from head to tail. My son still remembers how big a blue whale is. That was during my creative, fun new mom phase.

In past years we have done tie-dyes, painted rocks, made vinegar/baking soda volcanoes, baked cookies, papier-mache, and mud stew. Now I am older, busier and can’t think of single new creative summer activity to partake in with my kids. Plus, it seems as though this might be the first summer in a long time that we will need some rainy day projects.

I am open to new suggestions, but looking at beautiful handmade crafts and projects on Pinterest makes me feel inadequate on most days. So please, if you send me a craft idea, it needn’t be beautiful or trendy(ing). Just easy and fun for two rambunctious boys. Email your suggestions to

Daytime projects might be quite necessary given the uncertainty of the opening of the Wagner Memorial Pool. As I write this, the powers that be are deliberating moving forward to fix it all at once and possibly postponing the opening beyond June 17, or attempt some temporary measures that will open it on time. Either way, the town and Friends of the Pool still need more money to make it happen.

Besides the pool, the Methow Valley Community Center is still a little short for its resurfacing project. The condition of parking lot is akin to the Craters of the Moon National Monument and in desperate need of repair. The resurfacing project has raised $26,000 of the center’s $40,000 goal. Consider becoming a member of the Community Center to help support that effort.

Finally, The Challenger Sports British and Tetra Brazil soccer camps are in town to kick off summer break for soccer kids. The camp includes visiting coaches from the UK and Brazil, creating a cross-cultural experience for kids and coaches.

The coaches, aged 18–25, are trained coaches and often semi-professional footballers from their own countries. They stay with valley host families for the week for a full American immersion experience. Equipped with new drills and games, the coaches bring British humor and Brazilian charm to the field as the week commences with a World Cup playoff. Come watch the World Cup on Friday morning at 11 a.m. for 5–8 year olds and 11–13 year olds, or in the afternoon at 2 p.m. for 9–11 year olds, at Methow Valley Elementary School.


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