The Okanogan County commissioners are seeking another month to complete the update of the county’s zoning code, and therefore want to keep the interim code in effect until the end of July.

The interim code was adopted in December 2014 to preserve the status quo while the commissioners, planning staff and public worked on the first major update to the county’s zoning code in 38 years. The interim code, initially in effect until the end of 2015, was later further extended through this June 22. State law allows counties to extend an interim code in six-month increments.

The county uses the zoning code to provide specific guidelines for actual land uses, such as minimum lot sizes and where residential, commercial or industrial development can occur.

At their May meeting, the county’s planning commissioners made only minor changes to the current draft of the new zoning code, tweaking rules for nightly rentals and adjusting zone boundaries on the zoning map.

The commissioners are holding a public hearing on the extension of the interim code on Monday (June 13) at 3 p.m. in their hearing room in Okanogan. People may comment at the hearing or in advance to

People can also comment on the draft of the new zoning code. Both documents are on the planning department website at