By Sarah Schrock

Mary Bean, my neighbor, has a lot of people to remember on Memorial Day. At the tender age of 101, she has outlived two husbands, lived through two World Wars, the Cold War and Vietnam, both Gulf Wars, and seen many friends pass away. Each Memorial Day weekend, to commemorate the past lives of loved ones, Mary travels with her visiting family members to Omak, where they place fresh bouquets on the graves of their departed family and friends.

Mary has an impeccably tidy and formal garden of perennial flowers and shrubs that bloom throughout the season. Booming with color, she cuts billowing displays for her Memorial Day arrangements. Irises, daisies, lupines, day lilies, roses, columbines, and salvia intermix with evergreen bows and greenery making joyful offerings. As a former Twisp Garden Club president for many years, her garden is a testament to her long years of dedicated involvement in the club.

The Twisp Garden club meets every second Tuesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at Twisp Valley Grange. The garden club brings in speakers and provides a venue for people to share their trials, tribulations and triumphs of gardening in the valley. The club would love to see some new garden enthusiasts join. Come to their next meeting in July if you are interested.

Gardening. Ah yes, gardening. It is has arrived in full force. And so have the cutworms, the quail, aphids and some other creature that trampled and uprooted my freshly planted squash starts. Oh, and while I am on the pest bandwagon, based on my very unofficial survey on Facebook, fruit flies have been confirmed from Pateros to Mazama and up the Twisp River. I bought a fruit fly trap at Hank’s Harvest Foods (there were only two left), and so far not a single one has taken the bait. I thought perhaps my tried-and-true trap would be surpassed by a commercial one, not so.

My tried-and-true fruit fly trap, step by step:
• Cut a slice of ripe/overripe peach, cantaloupe, or other soft-skinned fruit like a pear and place at the bottom of a small jar or wine glass.
• Fill jar with sweet white wine (red works too) or apple cider vinegar just enough to cover roughly ½ of the fruit slice.
• Cover the rim with plastic wrap or a baggie pulled taut, secure with rubber band.
• Punch lots of holes in plastic wrap with toothpick.
• Add new fruit every other day and discard as needed.

If that doesn’t work, try a funnel made out of paper instead the plastic perforated top. When traps aren’t enough, I start vacuuming them up with the wand on my Dyson in a maddened fit. When all else fails, I leave town for a few days, and that seems to do the trick.

That’s just what a group Liberty Bell High School students did this Memorial Weekend — leave town. Call it senioritis for some, but these kids put together an eight-person team to compete in the Ski to Sea in Bellingham. The Ski to Sea event is a multi-sport race beginning on the slopes of Mt. Baker with a Nordic ski race followed by downhill, running, road bike, canoeing, cyclocross biking, and finishing in Bellingham Bay with a sea kayak. Directly after the race, the seniors will head east back home and straight on to Silverwood Theme Park for their senior trip. Let’s hope they come back for graduation on June 3.


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