13321954_1098984186826183_2614074672482587267_nBy the fifth-grade and sixth-grade students of Methow Valley Elementary School

Methow Valley Elementary School students at the Young Writers’ Conference 2016 learned from Don Nelson and Darla Hussey of the Methow Valley News not to trust everything you read on the Internet or social media.
Check sources of information and be your own reporter to make sure the information you are getting is reliable.
The students also looked at old newspapers from 1916 and 1986. They were interesting, funny, and the students saw a photo of Ms. Stevie, one of their teachers, who was in the newspaper in 1986. The newspapers also smelled old.
The students also learned about writing and posting an article for the Internet, and about photography.
Each student has a journal that they are keeping about the sessions they attend at the young writers’ conference.
Several students said they might like to write for a newspaper some day.
The guest writer for the conference was Dori Butler.