The Okanogan County assessor’s office has completed the inspection of properties located primarily within the Methow Valley School District. The assessor will mail out approximately 9,500 notices of change in taxable value this week.

By state law, one-sixth of the county must be physically inspected each year. Most of the land within the Methow Valley School District, which extends from Gold Creek to Mazama, was located in this years’ physical inspection area.

The changes in value varied based on location, with some property assessments staying relatively the same and others being adjusted to reflect sales that have occurred in that neighborhood, according to Okanogan County Assessor Scott Furman. These new values will affect taxes paid in 2017.

Furman encourages any property owners with questions about their assessment to call the assessor’s office at (509) 422-7190.

Property owners may appeal the new assessment. Appeals must be received by the Okanogan County Board of Equalization by Monday, July 1, 2016. Appeal forms can be obtained online at, or by calling the Board of Equalization at (509) 422-7100.