By Ashley Lodato

The age-old question — “Why did the chicken cross the road?” — was given a definitive answer last week. Not surprisingly, it was “to get to the other side,” but that simple answer undermines the complexity of this particular chicken’s (actually a rooster) thought process.

In a decidedly socialist move, our neighbors, Keri and Seth Miles, after seeing that we only had one rooster, gave us one of their three. Our new rooster did not seem very happy about the relocation, but he was resigned. Or so we thought, until we found him missing on his second evening with us. We looked around but couldn’t find him and figured that he would probably become a tender morsel on the food chain that night.

The following evening, we were at the Miles’ house with some other families and all the dogs started barking and rushing to the corner of the Miles’ fenced yard. Someone shouted, “It’s the chicken!” Sure enough, there was that rooster, scurrying up and down along the edge of the woods on the far side of the road.

From the vantage point of the Miles’ deck we shouted encouragement to the rooster as he wandered along the side of the road, looking longingly toward his former coop, and obviously trying to find a place to cross. Several times he seemed to commit to the crossing, but then a car would come along and he would retreat. But eventually he crossed the road, figured out how to get inside the fence, and made his way back to his old coop, limping and bedraggled, but seemingly relieved to be home. After all that effort, he was allowed to stay.

Other Twin Lakes neighborhood excitement involved my husband coming home from the newly established “Book Nook” (a free little library), waving a paperback around and crowing about what a score he had made. The book turned out to be a John Irving novel — one that I recognized immediately, since I had just donated it to the Book Nook that very morning.

Winthrop’s downtown area welcomes new business owners Virginia and Ben Nelson, who are taking over Riverside Printing from Jerome and Kim Thiel. The Nelsons will also continue to own and operate the Rendezvous Huts, so don’t get all in a panic about your hut reservations for next year. Stop into Riverside this week or next to get your printing needs met and to say hello to Virginia and goodbye and thank you to Jerome.


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