See The Addams Family

Dear Editor:

For all those who love local theater and who think only the Methow Valley can do it right, I encourage you to get over to the Omak Performing Arts Center for the last weekend of The Addams Family. Everyone in the cast is wonderful, the production values are high, there is fabulous scenery with well-executed scene changes, terrific costumes and make-up, and although the music is forgettable, the somewhat undermanned orchestra sounds good! Furthermore the price is right: $14 for adults, $8 for kids.


Carolanne Steinebach, Twisp

Problems with scoping document

Dear Editor:

The U.S. Forest Service scoping document for the Mission Project has been released. One of the most important components of this document is that the Forest Service seeks several amendments to the Forest Plan. Some of these amendments would lift environmental protections so that the Mission Project could proceed. These amendments would allow harvesting in old growth stands, increase in sediment standards for our streams, and a reduction in deer winter range thermal cover. This would provide a road in for the Forest Service to do damage that the Forest Plan now prohibits. There is no short- or long term-gain in such regressive thinking. Write to the district and the regional forester in Wenatchee now! Tell them these amendments should not be approved.

Also, the scoping document does not address any significant impacts of the proposed action. It does, however, do a very good job of cloaking a heavy-handed timber sale and misguided “pilot project” in nice-sounding ecological rhetoric. Why would they leave out information on riparian buffers, the diameter of trees to be cut, the methods of harvest, or the cost of the project? Because they want to skirt around those issues and hope that the public doesn’t notice.

The Buttermilk and Libby Creek watersheds in the project area need restoration that allows natural ecological processes to establish balance after decades of mismanagement. More aggressive intervention in the form of thousands of acres of commercial logging and the profit motive, is not what this land needs.

If you want to see this area managed for fish and wildlife (including threatened and endangered species), recreation (connection to Sawtooth Wilderness and thousands of acres of roadless area), and natural recovery from past grazing, logging and fire suppression, then write now. Comments are due by May 31 and may be submitted either electronically or in written form. Include your name and address.

Electronic: Written: Meg Trebon, Methow Valley Ranger District, 24 West Chewuch Road, Winthrop, WA 98862. Visit the “Stop the Libby-Buttermilk Timber Sale ” Facebook page for a look at what our forests need.

Pema Bresnahan, Libby Creek Watershed Association