By Ashley Lodato

Earth Day is just around the corner and Methow Recycles would like you to participate in roadside clean-up efforts during the week of April 17-22. For the past few years, volunteer crews have collected litter from about 60 miles of roadway; the goal this year is 100 miles. Organize some friends and neighbors to pitch in and you can all enjoy a cleaner neighborhood.

Let Methow Recycles know which road sections you plan to cover or call to join an existing crew (997-0520). We’ve been doing a collection in our neighborhood with the kids for the past four years and if enjoying a cleaner roadway is not enough to motivate them, the Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe ice cream cones we celebrate with afterwards are usually incentive enough.

In other clean-up news, members of the Methow chapter of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance put tools to the ground during work party on the trails at Bowen Mountain on Sunday, cleaning and clearing the trails in preparation for what is promising to be a long spell of spring, summer, and fall hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

At least one family’s spring break travels last week incorporated some experiential research. Fifth-grader Kellen Miles had been told by his Spanish teacher that “tacos de cabeza” were a traditional Mexican delicacy that everyone should try if they visit Mexico. Said tacos are created from meat from the head of a cow, typically prepared by the entire head being placed on a steamer or grill and then the customer selecting which parts of the animal he would like to have in his taco, such as eye, cheek, tongue, or lips.

The Miles family spent their whole week in Puerto Vallarta looking for these tacos and had nearly given up hope, after finding several restaurants that said they served them but were closed at the time of the Miles’ family’s visit. Finally, on their last night in Mexico, the Miles family was in the old part of town and after asking around, got directed to a street vendor a block away, where Kellen and his dad, Seth, each sampled a taco de cabeza for 10 pesos (less than 60 cents U.S.). The report is that the tacos were delicious, but “creamy.” Which is, I suppose, just what you’d expect from a cow’s eyeball or nose.


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