Thanks from Knowledge Bowl team

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Liberty Bell High School Knowledge Bowl team, I’d like to thank several organizations and people that have supported us this past year.

Each year the Methow Valley School District administration, staff and board members donate their time to be readers, judges and timers at the school tournament. The Liberty Bell Booster Club has annually provided meal money for the team traveling overnight to the state tournament. Katrina Auburn, from Twisp Feed  & Rental, purchased T-shirts for the students who went to state this year.

The support these people give the Knowledge Bowl team each year has allowed us to have a fantastic program which can compete with some of the brightest students in Washington state.

Leverett Hubbard, Knowledge Bowl coach, and team members Cory Diamond, Skyler
Fitzmaurice, Nate Hirsch, Sebastian Hogness, Rowan Post, and Danny Rodriguez

Advice to college students

Dear Editor:

The recent stories about some college students complaining to their college administrators about the stress they are suffering due to “Trump 2016” being written in chalk on various places on a college campus is mind-boggling.

It’s chalk. It’s not spray paint. If you don’t like it, and want to do something about it, get some water and a brush, or get your own chalk.

And college administrators, for Pete’s sake, stop with the babysitting. These young people need to learn how to handle stress — life is full of it. That is reality. Life without stress is incredibly boring.

If you as a student don’t like what someone else is saying, you can leave, or peacefully demonstrate. That doesn’t mean screaming obscenities, or refusing to allow the other person to speak, or blocking roads so others cannot attend a speech or rally. That behavior is rude, childish and immature. It is what bullies do.

You are in college to listen to all kinds of ideas and learn to think things through, develop your own opinions, etc. One of the best ways to form a well-rounded opinion is to listen to those on both sides of an issue.

Once you have formed your opinion, then be willing to support it. I have friends who have very different political views from mine, but I respect them for standing up for their opinions. Complaining to your friends about problems does nothing to solve them. If you can’t lead the charge, then at least support those who will.

America is a society created by a melting pot of cultures which honors individuality, hard work, free speech, freedom of religion, and the value of human life. There is no other place like it in the world. Find your place in it.

Chrystal Perrow, Winthrop

Who’s in command

Dear Editor:

With the recent changes within Okanogan County Fire District 6, I wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to the community to inform you of our current command structure and confirm our continued commitment to serve. I want to assure all residents within Fire District 6, the Town of Twisp, and the Town of Winthrop that a command structure is in place, functional and compliant with National Incident Management System organizational principles.

I was appointed as interim chief of the district by the district’s Board of Fire Commissioners in December of 2015. I began functioning in that role on Jan. 1, 2016, responsible for and in charge of all district operations, including serving as fire chief of the towns of Twisp and Winthrop.

We are currently updating our website at, where you can find more information about the district. My door is always open if you have any questions and the Board of Fire Commissioners meets the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Twisp Fire Station. These meetings are open to the public.

Interim Chief Cody Acord, Okanogan County Fire District 6

Appreciate the support

Dear Editor:

Friends of the Pool wishes to give a big shout out “thank you” to the Community Foundation of North Central Washington and the Methow Valley Fund for the $2,500 towards our resurfacing project in the Wagner Memorial Pool in Twisp. We can still use help to keep the pool afloat. To contribute to the project, send a check to Friends of the Pool at P.O. Box 438, Twisp, WA 98856

Patty Yates, Twisp