By Don Nelson

The Liberty Bell High School track team showed signs of rounding into mid-season form in a four-school meet at Cashmere last Thursday (March 31), with a slew of personal bests and one school record.

Junior Lauren Fitzmaurice became the first girl in Liberty Bell history to clear 5 feet in the high jump, giving her a tie for first place with two Okanogan competitors – and sole possession of the top spot in the Mountain Lions’ record book.

Fitzmaurice also won the long jump with a personal best (15 feet, 9-1/2 inches, third all-time for Liberty Bell), and had another personal best in the 300-meter hurdles for fourth place.

Other Lady Lions setting personal bests included Icel Sukovaty, Athena Milani, Ava Mott, Lucy Cole and Sally Thornton-White, according to coach Rocky Kulsrud.

Milani, a freshman, took second in both the 300M hurdles and the 800M run. Sukovaty won the 1,600M run and was fourth in the 800M.

“People often focus only on those who place high in an event, but I am extremely proud of Liliana Hart-Beck, who had three personal records, and Mollie Houser, who also had a personal record in this meet,” Kulsrud said. “They continue to work hard each week and their efforts are visible in the results they get.

On the boys’ side, senior Connor Cooley won two events, clearing 6 feet in his first-ever competition in the high jump. He improved his personal long jump record to 19 feet, 9-1/2 inches to take that event. Cooley also finished second in the 200M run.

Senior Ben Klemmeck doubled up to win both the 800M (personal record) and 1,600M runs.

Senior Andrew Reggiatore reached 40 feet, 9-1/2 inches in the triple jump for first place, and also took second place in the 300M hurdles.

Other competitors setting personal records included Brayden White, Meritt Fink, Tanner White, Emerson Worrell, Zane Herrera and Geza Sukovaty, Kulsrud said. “Geza is another one of those athletes that works hard and improved his times dramatically,” the coach said.

The boys’ 4x100M relay team of Fink, Cooley, Reggiatore and Micah Klemmeck had the fourth-fastest time in school history. Reggiatore and Micah Klemmeck were in the foursome that set the school record last year.

In team scoring, the results were identical for girls and boys: Okanogan took first, followed by Cashmere, Liberty Bell and Upper Valley Christian.

The Mountain Lions’ next competition is Tuesday (April 12) in the Brewster Co-Ed Relays, followed by the Cashmere Invitational on April 16.

At Cashmere, March 31

Boys’ team scoring

1. Okanogan 93

2. Cashmere 90

3. Liberty Bell 63

4. Upper Valley Christian 14

Girls’ team scoring

1. Okanogan 138.66

2. Cashmere 91

3. Liberty Bell 42.33

4. Upper Valley Christian 1

Boys’ results


14. Brayden White, 12.93

21. Zane Herrera, 13.72

27. Alexis Garcia-Lopez, 15.24


2. Connor Cooley, 24.38


3. Tanner White, 1:00.61


1. Ben Klemmeck, 2:08.07

4. Emerson Worrell, 2:20.39

6. Carter Dornfeld, 2:30.67


1. Ben Klemmeck, 4:40.14

5. Michal Klemmeck, 5:04.69

6. Emerson Worrell, 5:15.33

10. Geza Sukovaty, 5:47.93


3. Geza Sukovaty, 12:06.53

300M hurdles

2. Andrew Reggiatore, 48.40

3. Brayden White, 51.9

4x100M relay

2. Meritt Fink, Connor Cooley, Andrew Reggiatore, Micah Klemmeck, 45.48

4x400M relay

3. Brayden White, Emerson Worrell, Tanner White, Mason Johnson, 4:01.34

Shot put

3. Zane Herrera, 31-10

4. Meritt Fink, 31-08

8. Alexis Garcia-Lopez, 27-02


5. Zane Herrera, 98-09

8. Tanner White, 72-09

9. Brayden White, 71-06


5. Meritt Fink, 98-02

7. Zane Herrera, 88-01

9. Enrique Whites, 79-08

High jump

1. Connor Cooley, 6-00

6. Meritt Fink, 5-04

Long jump

1. Connor Cooley, 19-09.5

Triple jump

1. Andrew Reggiatore, 40-05

Girls’ results


9. Sally Thornton-White, 14.99

20. Liliana Hart-Beck, 17.7


9. Sally Thornton-White, 31.27

18. Erika Komatsu, 33.57

19. Liliana Hart-Beck, 38.4


3. Lucy Cole, 1:06.64

4. Sally Thornton-White, 1:09.26

6. Sage Borgias, 1:13.41


2. Athena Milani, 2:44.76

4. Icel Sukovaty, 2:49.73

5. Lucy Cole, 2:52.94


1. Icel Sukovaty, 6:13.45

2. Ava Mott, 6:20.51

100M hurdles

6. Natalie Treise, 20.38

300M hurdles

2. Athena Milani, 51.62

4. Lauren Fitzmaurice, 52.58

4x200M relay

3. Natalie Treise, Erika Komatsu, Sage Borgias, Sally Thornton-White, 2:06.72

4x400M relay

2. Lauren Fitzmaurice, Sage Borgias, Lucy Cole, Athena Milani, 4:38.22

Shot put

8. Mollie Houser, 24-11.5


7. Mollie Houser, 62-06

High jump

1. Lauren Fitzmaurice, 5-00

Long jump

1. Lauren Fitzmaurice, 15-09.5

17. Liliana Hart-Beck, 8-09.25