Now that the Spring Sale is over and moving out, we will be putting things for the Western Sale in the sale room, but before that we are getting some new windows to replace the old broken ones. It will make a big improvement in the winter. Also, we will be getting new windows in the rummage room. They are the last ones to be replaced.

Friday (April 1) is dance day, and also April Fools Day, so be prepared for a few jokes to be played on you.

Now that yard sales have started, we know we will be getting lots of leftover items. Be sure they are clean and usable before you give them to us. Also, we will start accepting items for the Western Sale – if you have a donation, please bring it when we are open.

The rummage room has been super-busy this spring. Now we are closing out the winter wear so we can bring in the summer clothes and then start setting up the Western Sale.

The Thrift Store is open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

The Senior Center is located next to the Methow Valley Community Center on Highway 20 in Twisp. Lunch is served at noon by the Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition Program on Monday, Thursday and Friday. The suggested donation for lunch is $3.50 for seniors over age 60; the cost is $8 for those under 60. Annual membership dues are $1.25.

Transportation is available locally for the senior lunch program, and for monthly trips to Omak/Okanogan the second Tuesday of the month and to Wenatchee the third Tuesday of the month. Call the Senior Center at 997-7722 for additional details.

Rosalie Hutson

Lunch menu

THURSDAY, MARCH 31: Meatloaf, potatoes and gravy, green beans, stewed tomatoes, grapes, whole wheat bread, brownies.

FRIDAY, APRIL 1: Meatloaf, potatoes and gravy, green beans, stewed tomatoes, grapes, whole wheat bread, brownies.

MONDAY, APRIL 4: Pork chops, au gratin potatoes, Brussels sprouts, green salad, applesauce, biscuit, chocolate cake.

THURSDAY, APRIL 7: Tater tot casserole, carrot raisin salad, cottage cheese, whole wheat roll, peach crisp.

FRIDAY, APRIL 8: Shrimp fettuccini, asparagus, spinach salad, mixed berries, whole wheat roll, cookies.