Photo by Erik Brooks

Photo by Erik Brooks
Liberty Bell’s Micah Klemmeck looked strong off the first turn in the boys’ 400-meter run at the Oroville Invitational. Klemmeck finished third in a time of 56.27 seconds.

By Don Nelson

The Liberty Bell High School track team has had limited opportunities to run, jump or toss things this season, but nonetheless showed promise in its first two meets.

“For not having been on a track until the two meets we did extremely well,” coach Rocky Kulsrud said this week.

The Mountain Lions competed at the Bridgeport Jamboree on March 15, then traveled to the Oroville Invitational on Saturday (March 19).

In addition to the host team, Liberty Bell competed against teams from Entiat, Cascade Christian, Manson, Tonasket and Wilbur-Creston at Bridgeport.

For the boys, Connor Cooley (second place) and Meritt Fink (fifth place) showed good early-season speed in the 100-meter run. In the 200M run, Micah Klemmeck took second followed by Fink in third and Cooley in fourth. Micah Klemmeck also finished second in the 400M run, and Andrew Reggiatore took fourth. Ben Klemmeck finished second in the 1,600M run.

Photo courtesy of Erik Brooks Athena Milani on her way to victory in the 300-meter hurdles.

Photo courtesy of Erik Brooks

Athena Milani on her way to victory in the 300-meter hurdles.

For the girls, Athena Milani took second place in the 400M and 800M runs, and Icel Sukovaty took third in the 1,600M run. Lucy Cole and Lauren Fitzmaurice took third and fourth, respectively, in the 400M run.

No relay races were held in Bridgeport. The Mountain Lions had a limited amount of time to practice hand-offs before the Oroville meet, where the faced 11 other teams.

“There is work that needs to be done but I was very pleased with the efforts,” Kulsrud said. “The boys’ 4x100M and 4x400M relay teams looked very good. The girls’ 4×400 relay team won the race but were disqualified for passing out of the lane. It was a great race for them and the exchanges we can fix.”

The boys’ team of Fink, Cooley, Reggiatore and Micah Klemmeck took second in the 4x100M relay. The Mountain Lions, with Ben Klemmeck, Reggiatore, Cooley and Micah Klemmeck carrying the baton, took first place in the 4x400M relay.

In their first field events of the year, Fink leapt out to 19 feet, 7 inches to win the long jump, and Cooley took third with a leap of 18 feet, 7 inches.

Also for the boys, Ben Klemmeck won the 1,600M run and Micah Klemmeck took third in the 400M run.

On the girls’ side, Milani took first in the 300M hurdles, took second in the 800M run and anchored the winning 4x400M team (following Ava Mott, Sage Borgias and Cole) that was disqualified.

Icel Sukovaty shaved 9 seconds off her 1,600M time of a few days earlier to take first place.

Borgias finished third in the 400M run, and Mott was fourth n the 800M run.

Liberty Bell is scheduled to compete Saturday at the Ray Cross Invitational in Ephrata.

Bridgeport Jamboree, March 15

Boys’ results


2. Connor Cooley, 12.08

5. Meritt Fink, 12.34

9. Seth Stevie, 12.66

14. Brayden White, 13.03


2. Micah Klemmeck, 24.75

3. Meritt Fink, 25.40

4. Connor Cooley, 25.56

8. Andrew Reggiatore, 26.49

9. Tanner White, 26.73

14. Mason Johnson, 28.0


2. Micah Klemmeck, 55.12

4. Andrew Reggiatore, 57.24

10. Carter Dornfeld, 1:02.6


7. Carter Dornfeld, 2:29.74

9. Geza Sukovaty, 2:48.15


2. Ben Klemmeck, 4:50.36

13. Geza Sukovaty, 5:45.55

Shot put

5. Zane Herrera, 29-10.5

Girls’ results


6. Sally Thornton-White, 14.64

8. Lauren Fitzmaurice, 14.89

10. Haley Post, 15.1

12. Natalie Treise, 15.29

13. Cece Odell, 15.32

18. Erika Komatsu, 16.09

19. Liliana Hart-Beck, 17.95


6. Sally Thornton-White, 31.7

10. Cece Odell, 32.7

14. Haley Post, 35.16

17. Liliana Hart-Beck, 39.78


2. Athena Milani, 1:08.89

3. Lucy Cole, 1:08.95

4. Lauren Fitzmaurice, 1:09.53

6. Ava Mott, 1:12.55

8. Sage Borgias, 1:15.45


2. Athena Milani, 2:50.01

5. Icel Sukovaty, 2:53.0

6. Ava Mott, 2:55.55

10. Sage Borgias, 3:17.51


3. Icel Sukovaty, 6:21.37

Oroville Invitational, March 19

Boys’ results


5. Connor Cooley 12.57

9. Meritt Fink, 12.95

17. Tanner White, 13.41


12. Brayden White, 27.57


3. Micah Klemmeck, 56.27


1. Ben Klemmeck, 4:45.55


8. Geza Sukovaty, 12:36.98

300M hurdles

6. Tanner White, 51.85

4x100M relay

2. Meritt Fink, Connor Cooley, Andrew Reggiatore, Micah Klemmeck, 46.04

4x400M relay

1. Ben Klemmeck, Andrew Reggiatore, Connor Cooley, Micah Klemmeck, 3:45.36

Shot put

14. Zane Herrera, 30-06.5

23. Tanner White, 23-09


13. Zane Herrera, 73-08


18. Seth Stevie, 84-08

23. Enrique Whites, 77-02

Long jump

1. Meritt Fink, 19-07

3. Connor Cooley, 18-07

8. Enrique Whites, 16-07

Girls’ results


6. Sally Thornton-White, 15.46

9. Sierra Hanson, 15.61

20. Anna Post, 17.31


9. Sally Thornton-White, 31.76


3. Sage Borgias, 1:11.36


2. Athena Milani, 2:47.24

4. Ava Mott, 2:50.13

6. Lucy Cole, 2:53.13


1. Icel Sukovaty, 6:12.74

300M hurdles

1. Athena Milani, 51.72

400x100M relay

5. Natalie Treise, Anna Post, Erika Komatsu, Sally Thornton-White, 1:01.17

4x200M relay

4. Natalie Treise, Erika Komatsu, Sage Borgias, Sally Thornton-White, 2:06.58

4x400M relay


Long jump

7. Erika Komatsu, 12-02.25

11. Anna Post, 10-07