Pacific Biodiversity Institute (PBI) in Winthrop has been named as the first recipient of the Paul Wiseman Conservation Education Grant from the Mountaineers Foundation.

The grant will help PBI build a rigorous four-week conservation science and leadership course for up to 14 upper-level undergraduate students and recent graduates who are preparing to be conservation leaders and professionals.

The course is based in the North Cascades Mountains and the Methow Valley. Students will participate in PBI’s ongoing research projects and hands-on activities focused on ponderosa pine forests and fire ecology, riparian ecosystems, endangered wildlife surveys and restoration ecology.

Students will use state-of-the-art field ecology techniques and research protocols to assist in conducting surveys using wildlife cameras and hair-sampling methods, vegetation sampling plots, bird point-counts and GIS mapping tools. They will also participate in community service projects, multi-day field trips, team research projects, and keep detailed field journals of their experiences.

PBI works in the fields of ecology, botany, wildlife biology and spatial and acoustic analysis. Projects have included sites in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador and more. For more information about the course, call 996-2490.