By Ashley Lodato

A group of young Methow Valley Nordic Team skiers traveled north to Salmon Arm, B.C., to the annual “Midget Championships” over the weekend. What we call kids’ athletic groupings like “U12” and “U10,” the Canadians call “Midgets” and “PeeWees.” The Midget races are open only to kids born between 2003-2006, so there are hundreds of kids ages 9-12 racing in the three events: classic, freestyle (skate), and relay.

Two of the Methow Valley’s teams had unprecedented success in the relay, with Liv Aspholm, Keeley Brooks, Lena Nelson and Lindsay Worrell winning the division and Jori Grialou, Mariah Lucy, Dashe McCabe and Stella Scholz taking fifth place out of 22 teams. It was a great weekend for Winthrop relay gals in general — with Sadie Bjornsen’s relay team taking second place (the highest U.S. finish ever) in World Cup races in the Czech Republic, almost at the same moment that the younger skiers were winning in B.C.

Liv Aspholm’s parents, who had sent Liv to the races with another family, got a bit of a scare when one of Liv’s friends emailed them a photo of Liv with a big gash across her forehead and a caption about Liv crashing. After a while, however, the truth came out — the gash was merely the product of Eva Weymuller’s stage makeup talents.

Meanwhile, a group of skiers from Salmon Arm traveled south to the Methow Valley Pursuit races over the weekend, since they were too old for the Midget Championships. The races themselves were worth the trip, they say, but what was really icing on the cake was the fact that one of them won the raffle at the Nordic Festival Dinner at the Winthrop Barn on Saturday night, scoring a $500 gift certificate to Winthrop Mountain Sports donated by Diane and Rita. Happy shopping spree, Canadians!

If you were at ’49er Days with your baby girl and you lost your camera’s SIM card, you are in luck for getting those photographic memories returned to you. Despite the numerous events that have taken place at the Winthrop Barn since early May (including the Little Star auction, which practically turns the place upside down) the card mysteriously appeared on the floor on Saturday night. You can call or email me to claim your card; my contact info is listed on this same page.

Lastly, if you’re free on Thursday evening you might consider supporting Methow Valley Elementary School by attending the Book Fair at the school from 5:30-7:30 p.m. New books are available for purchase and you can grab dinner — chili and cornbread — for $3 while you’re there. All proceeds go toward increasing the library’s inventory.