By Sarah Schrock

We are all a little cramped for space around town due to the glacial moraines of snow lining the roadways. Limited to a single lane, double-track rutted runway, our road requires speed, AWD, and fast reaction time to stay on course. If you are like me, each time you navigate your way home, it’s a rush — a test of your advanced driving skills. You don your imaginary helmet and goggles, pretend you’re some kind of motor cross racer, gear down and go for it, hoping no one else is in the path. Upon arrival, it’s the feeling of pride and thrill a kid feels after a first bumper car ride.

While the narrowing outdoor space and sloppy slush are confining us to inside, spaces are changing around town. The Methow Valley News will be moving to TwispWorks this week to a smaller space, leaving their storefront location on Glover Street. “The Better Space Project” broke ground on Phase 1 at the Community Center this week. The project, made possible with a generous grant and donations, will install acoustic panels and a new sound system in the gymnasium for better live performances, presentations, and concerts.

Another space under transformation is the 24HRMART on Glover Street. The space is the brainchild of builder and performance artist Max Kraushaar. Max, originally from Seattle, moved onto a family ranch up Twisp River last year and wants to start a unique project in Twisp.

Max’s vision for the 24HRMART is a multi-purpose destination space for creative arts and retail. The space will house three or four artist studios in the rear, while the front will host space for live music, performance art, and retail of local custom creations. Max hopes to create an all-age attraction, for both locals and visitors, enlivening the culture and nightlife along Glover Street.   

So if you’re feeling cabin fever and cramped for space during this mid-winter thaw, you don’t want to drive the narrow, icy roads, and muddy slush puddles, here’s an idea to enjoy the slush: mix up a snow-garita, put on your galoshes, and help me search for the biggest icicle. With the freeze/thaw cycle in full swing, my kids and I took to the streets for biggest, fattest and weirdest icicle out there and we need some help. But first, to ensure a lively hunt, begin with a refreshing snow-garita, here’s one recipe:

First, visit the new liquor store in the Station House Shoppe for ingredients.

Second, mix 3 shots tequila, juice of 1 or 2 limes, ½-cup limeade concentrate, 1 shot of Triplesec or another orange liqueur.

Pack two glasses with clean, slushy snow and line the rim with salt.

Pour mixture on top of snow, garnish with lime wedge, and slurp.

Send me a photo of your giant icicle and your favorite recipe for a wintry snowy cocktail to my Facebook page or to sjschrock@yahoo.