By Tamara Dicus Hillman

Mama in her apron,
Daddy in his chair,
us kids playing ‘round
on wood floors that were bare.

Turkey in the oven,
smell of pies so sweet,
family soon would join us
to gobble up the treats.

Grandma brought great goodies,
the aunts and uncles too
came swooping in with food galore—
mostly things they grew.

Cousins of all sizes
gathered on that day,
playing games and laughing
as time quickly slipped away.

We ate, we shared, we did our best
remembering the past—
to thank God and the Pilgrims
for settling land so vast.

Snows outside the window
reminded us to rest
after reaping plentiful harvests—
we knew we had been blessed.

Hillman was born in Twisp (to Earl and Anne Dicus) and grew up in the Methow Valley. She currently lives in Sun City West, Arizona.