20 years ago, Oct. 5, 1995


50 years ago, Sept. 30, 1965

Young Man Has Close Brush With Cougar Saturday

Spence Watson, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Watson, had a rather exciting experience on Saturday. He was out grouse hunting with his dog, Saber.

Above Vern Strickland’s place, west of Twisp, the dog discovered a partly eaten deer alongside the road. Spence decided something must be wrong so he loaded his 20 gauge shotgun.

While loading the gun he noticed an animal about 30 feet away and sound asleep in the middle of the road. It awoke just as the last shell went into the gun, and started walking toward Spence.

As the space between them narrowed Spence pulled the trigger and shot three times; stopping the cougar in its tracks, thus not only bagging his first cougar but the first one he had ever seen.

He is now in the process of having a rug made from the skin for his future den, where no doubt many big game trophies will be hung in the future, after his accidental start.

80 years ago, Sept. 27, 1935


Caravan of double deck trucks and trailers are keeping up the dust on the Methow Valley highway in transporting great numbers of lambs to the markets. Great loads are being picked up from every part of the valley, and many cars have already been forwarded from Pateros, shipping point for this section.

Too Many Measles for Any Yellow Jacket this Week

Members of the journalism class of the high school not yet stricken with measles or flu colds, dropped in this a.m. to say that the class was down and out for the week, so far as appearance of the school section of the News, “The Yellow Jacket,” was to make in this number. It is hoped to make up for the time off next week.


Picnic and dinner was enjoyed by some fifty invited families at the hospitable home and surrounding shade of the premises of Senator and Mrs. W. A. Bolinger at Methow last Sunday.

The picnic was just another number of the several that have been held throughout the valley, representatives of each community in the entire valley getting together to enjoy the cream of the valley in the culinary line, and to take a day of rest while visiting on “good of the Methow valley.” The affair was enjoyable with Senator and Mrs. Bolinger as host and hostess, and with the delicious food that twice as many couldn’t have comfortably consumed.

100 years ago, Sept. 29, 1915

Hurrah for the Fair!

Get into line and not only boost but work for the coming fair. This call goes out to every man, woman, boy and girl throughout the broad expanse of the beautiful Methow valley. The fair needs your help; you need the help of the fair to keep you in tune with the times.

Don’t conclude that you have raised the best products and let it go at that, your neighbor has come to the same conclusion and, no doubt, like yourself is making all sorts of wild statements relative thereto. Prove it! Bring your choicest products to the fair which opens on beautiful Fair Island October 14th and closes upon the evening of the 16th. Three wonderful days of sight-seeing, of education and satisfaction with all the pleasure thrown in.

You’ll find out from neighbor Jones what method he employed in raising such wonderful pumpkins, how he came to produce such wonderful onions; and those apples of Perkins’! Did you ever see the like of it in your life.  Why I swear to goodness they’re too beautiful to be real! No wonder we pull down the sweepstakes wherever we show.

And then wifey will tug you by the arm and you turn to catch the soul of pleasure radiating from her face. You are perplexed. She leads you by the arm past rows upon rows of beautiful exhibits — such as you have never seen before — then brings you up with a halt. You stare vacantly before you to divine her pride.

“Wake up,” she says, “don’t you see the blue ribbon upon my loaf of bread!” Yes, it’s there, sure enough. Then you sneak back to Jones and win his confidence. You are determined that next season you are going to tuck away a few of the blues yourself.