Police-lights-thumbOkanogan County Sheriff’s Office

July 16

CIVIL MATTER: Caller on Libby Creek Road, Carlton, reported an ongoing property line dispute with a neighbor who keeps coming onto the caller’s property without permission.

July 17

NOISE COMPLAINT: Caller on West Buttermilk Creek Road, Twisp, reported a party with lots of loud music and yelling, and possibly as many as 150 people involved.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: An injured or dead deer was reported on Lost River Road, Mazama.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: A stray dog was reported on Libby Creek Road, Carlton.

ACCIDENT: A non-injury, one-vehicle accident was reported at Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road and Balky Hill Road.

July 18

DUI: A person was taking into custody for DUI on Highway 20, Winthrop.

MEDICAL ISSUE: A possible case of alcohol poisoning was reported on Lucky Horse Lane, Winthrop. A 19-year-old person was unresponsive and having seizures.

CITIZEN ASSISTANCE: Person on Lost River Road, Mazama, reported that they found remnants of a marijuana grow in a cabin they had been renting to someone else for the past two years.

BURGLARY: Caller on Alder Creek Road, Twisp, reported finding three people in his residence, who he tried to chase off.

ACCIDENT: Caller on Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop, reported vehicle traveling at 70 mph or more; vehicle was found rolled over and driver suffered a severe head laceration.

DOMESTIC ISSUE: Caller on Benson Creek Drive, Twisp, reported that their daughter was out of control and needed to be removed from the home.

ANIMAL ABUSE: Caller reported that a dog was locked inside a van on Highway 20, Winthrop, with very little ventilation.

VEHICLE PROWL: Caller on Myer Creek East Road, Twisp, reported that items were found scattered on the front seat of her vehicle but it didn’t appear that anything had been taken.

SEARCH AND RESCUE: Caller was concerned about two people who were floating down the Methow River and had not arrived at the Carlton beach as expected.

NOISE COMPLAINT: Caller at Twisp River Road and West Buttermilk Creek Road reported that a band was playing loudly nearby and that a party had been going on for the past four days.

July 19

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller reported that a residence on Lost River Road, Mazama, had been entered through a window.

THREAT: Caller on Frost Road, Twisp, reported an ongoing problem with a man who was texting the caller, threatening to assault him.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Caller on Benson Creek Drive, Twisp, reported that a young woman was throwing things and would not get into a vehicle as requested.

STRAY ANIMAL: A stray horse was reported on Balky Hill Road, Twisp.

July 21

PROPERTY DAMAGE: Caller reported that an ATV had damaged a private road on Stud Horse Mountain, Winthrop.

July 22

ABANDONED VEHICLE: An abandoned vehicle was reported on North Airstrip Road, Twisp.

BURGLARY: Caller on Maggies Road, Twisp, reported that someone had entered their residence and used a barbecue.

CIVIL MATTER: Caller on Lucky Horse Lane, Winthrop, reported that someone left farm equipment on their property, and wanted to know options for getting rid of it.

RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT: Caller reported that jet skiers were driving erratically at Pearrygin Lake State Park, Winthrop, and became angry when other people tried to talk to them about it.

ABANDONED VEHICLE: An abandoned vehicle was reported at Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road and Balky Hill Road.

STRAY ANIMALS: Stray cattle were reported on Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road.

July 23

TRESPASSING: Caller on Belsby Road, Winthrop, reported that an unknown person was camping on their property, and that they had discovered a tent, clothing and other items.

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: Caller on Ross Road, Twisp, reported that his teenage grandson was tearing down signs, was out of control, and was possibly armed.

THEFT: A town car was reported stolen in Twisp.

July 25

ATTEMPT TO LOCATE: Caller asked for help in attempting to locate a possibly suicidal person in the Twin Lakes Road area, Winthrop.

July 26

INTOXICATION: Caller on Norfolk Road, Winthrop, reported an intoxicated man and woman at the location. Caller said they were so intoxicated they did not know where they were.

NOISE COMPLAINT: Caller on Second Mile Road, Twisp, reported hearing at least 10 gunshots nearby, and the sound of a vehicle spinning out.

Twisp Police Department

July 16

CIVIL MATTER: Caller reported about a dispute over legal documents involving power of attorney.

July 17

LOST PROPERTY: A brown wallet was found on East Methow Valley Highway.

July 19

THEFT: A person was detained for shoplifting at a store on East Methow Valley Highway.

TRESPASSING: Caller reported trespassing at a location on Bridge Street.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller on North Lincoln Street reported that a woman was screaming at a child, and it sounded like the child was being beaten.

July 20

THEFT: A theft was reported on West Second Avenue.

LOITERING: Caller on North Methow Valley Highway reported that two people were under a bridge panhandling, and caller was concerned they might start a fire.

July 21

BURGLARY: Caller on Canyon Street reported that an intruder had tried to take an exercise machine.

July 22

FIRE: Caller on Larkspur Drive was concerned about a burn pile that was near buildings.

THREAT: Caller on East Methow Valley Highway reported hearing people arguing next door, and one threatened to kill the other.

Winthrop Marshal’s Office

July 16

DUI: A person was taken into custody for DUI on Riverside Avenue.

July 19

ANIMAL ABUSE: Caller reported a dog in the back of a vehicle on Riverside Avenue.

July 22

ASSAULT: It was reported that a motorcycle drove past a flagger in a construction project on Bluff Street and that when a second flagger tried to stop the motorcycle, the rider stopped and threatened the flagger. The rider was told to wait for law enforcement but took off instead.

BURGLARY: Caller on Wister Way reported that a shop at a cemetery had been broken into and some gas cans were taken.

July 23

FOUND PROPERTY: Property was reported found on Riverside Avenue.

ACCIDENT: Car backed into an electrical box on Highway 20. There were no injuries.

July 24

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported on Castle Avenue.

INTOXICATION: There was an intoxicated man on Riverside Avenue.

THEFT: An automobile theft was reported on Riverside Avenue.

July 25

NOISE COMPLAINT: Caller said that loud music was coming from a hangar at the Twisp airport and that the music was supposed to stop at 10 p.m.

July 26

ACCIDENT: A non-injury accident was reported on Riverside Avenue.

DRIVING WITH LICENSE SUSPENDED: A person with multiple traffic violations was taken into custody on West Chewuch Road.

Okanogan County Superior Court

Christopher James Jack, 31, of Winthrop, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree Assault. He was sentenced to 364 days with 362 suspended and fined a total of $1,010.50.

The court found probable cause to charge Christopher Brian Durgin, 31, of Twisp, with Harassment, two counts of Unlawful Display of a Weapon, Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. Bail was set at $15,000.

The court found probable cause to charge Marc Alan Layne Jefferson, 24, of Winthrop, with second-degree Possession of Stolen Property. Bail was set at $10,000.

The court found probable cause to charge Darryle Clint Gua, 31, of Twisp, with second-degree Assault. Bail was set at $25,000.