Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

June 22

BURGLARY ALARM: A burglary alarm was reported on Wolf Creek Road, Winthrop.

BURLGARY ALARM: A burglary alarm was reported on Goudy Grade Road, Winthrop.

WARRANT ARREST: A warrant arrest was made on East Methow Valley Highway, Twisp.

BURGLARY: A storage shed on Lower Beaver Creek Road, Twisp, was broken into and gasoline taken.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Caller on South Methow Street, Twisp, reported that their nephew, who has medical issues, destroyed several items in a residence.

ILLEGAL BURNING: Caller on West Second Avenue, Twisp, reported smelling smoke in the area, and thought it might be from a residence nearby.

June 23

ACCIDENT: A non-injury accident was reported on Patterson Lake Road, Winthrop.

ASSAULT: Caller on East Chewuch Road, Winthrop, reported that they woke up at about 1 a.m. to find a cord wrapped around their neck and that they were bleeding from a head wound.

ACCIDENT: A rollover accident with unknown injuries was reported at Highway 153 and Twisp-Carlton Road.

June 25

FRAUD:  Caller on Twisp-Carlton Road reported that they thought someone had been trying to scam them.

June 26

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller reported there were lights on at the PUD substation on Highway 20, Twisp, and pickup truck was parked in front of the building with its flashers on.

DOMESTIC PROBLEM: Caller on Libby Creek Road, Carlton, reported that her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, threw a ladder at her and injured her foot, and that he was still agitated, and it might help to have an officer talk to him.

JUVENILE PROBLEM: Caller on Ross Road, Twisp, reported that their teenage son had threatened to harm himself and had left the residence.

WILDLAND FIRE: A fire was reported in the area of East Chewuch Road, Winthrop.

June 27

FOUND PROPERTY: An orange kayak was found in the river near Highway 20 and Rising Eagle Road.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller on Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop, reported that a person who was expected had yet to arrive and it was unusual for them to be late.

Twisp Police Department

June 23

ILLEGAL BURNING: Caller on West Second Avenue, Twisp, reported that a neighbor had an illegal campfire going and that it was an ongoing problem.

June 24

TRAFFIC HAZARD: A traffic hazard was reported at Highway 20 and Twisp Airport Road.

June 25

TRESPASS: A trespassing incident was reported on Canyon Street.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: An animal problem was reported on Alder Street.

PARKING: A parking problem was reported on East Second Avenue.

June 26

ACCIDENT: A hit-and-run accident was reported on East Methow Valley Highway. Caller reported that driver in a Subaru Outback struck his vehicle.

PARKING PROBLEM: Caller near Webb Lane reported that a vehicle with expired license tabs was parked in the public right of way.

DISABLED VEHICLE: A disabled vehicle was reported at Highway 20 and Canyon Street.

ROAD PROBLEM: Caller reported that they were driving in town and heard the pavement “pop,” and noted that the sidewalk was raised. Public works department was notified.

DISABLED VEHICLE: A disabled vehicle was reported on Highway 20, and its doors had been open for a couple of hours.

June 27

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: It was reported that about 10 people had set up camp by the river near Borchard Lane.

HARASSMENT: Caller reported that they were being chased by someone in a red Miata.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller on Highway 20 reported that a woman was yelling and it sounded like she was punching a vehicle.

Winthrop Marshal’s Office

June 26

DEER IN ROADWAY: A deer was reported in the roadway at Highway 20 and Dripping Spring Road.

ANIMAL ABUSE: It was reported that dog had been sitting in a parked vehicle for at least 15 minutes.

FIRE ALARM: A fire alarm was reported on Riverside Avenue.

June 27

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller on Riverside Avenue reported that their spouse had just purchased a banjo and suspected it might have been stolen property.

ANIMAL ABUSE: A dog was reported inside a vehicle on Riverside Avenue.

FOUND PROPERTY: Found property was reported on Riverside Avenue.

June 28

UTILITY PROBLEM: A tree was reported to be creating utility problems on Roses Hill Road at Castle Avenue.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller reported a vehicle parked on Highway 20 with a door open and nobody around.

Okanogan County Superior Court

William Emery Woodworth, 44, of Winthrop, pleaded guilty to second-degree Taking a Motor Vehicle Without Permission, second-degree Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and third-degree Malicious Mischief. He was sentenced to 90 days on count one, five months on count two and 364 days with 214 suspended on count three. He was fined a total of $1,210.50.

Marriage licenses

Linda Lou Priest, 67, Winterville, North Carolina, and Gerald William McCall, 65, Twisp.

The Washington State Department of Health/Okanogan County

In January 2015 the secretary of health suspended for at least one year the home care aide credential of Jacki Rae Tasker. In 2013 she was convicted of driving while intoxicated. Tasker worked at a skilled nursing and assisted living facility. She didn’t follow procedures on giving medication to patients, didn’t report for a drug test to which she’d agreed, and didn’t respond to a Department of Health investigator’s inquiry.