20 years ago, June 29, 1995 
Methow Valley News file photo by Toni Dalton Knee-high by the Fourth of July. The sweet corn in Charlie Lehman's field near Twisp is right on schedule.

Methow Valley News file photo by Toni Dalton

Knee-high by the Fourth of July. The sweet corn in Charlie Lehman’s field near Twisp is right on schedule.

30 years ago, June 27, 1985

Mining corp plans exploration on Flagg Mountain

Quintana Minerals Corporation has filed their 1985 plan of operations with the Okanogan National Forest. They plan to continue ongoing exploration of their claims by drilling test holes for mineral values on Flagg Mountain in the upper Methow Valley. Flagg Mountain is located three-quarters of a mile east of the community of Mazama.

Quintana plans construction of approximately one mile of road to reach a mineralized area on the west face of Flagg Mountain overlooking Mazama. The new road will access the site from forest road 5225 (Black Pine Basin Road) near the old Silver King mine. Quintana’s plans are to have road construction completed and drilling begun by August 1st.

Quintana has been drilling test holes in the Flagg Mountain area each year since the 1970s. Past exploration work has been concentrated on the north side of Flagg Mountain. This is the first year they have planned exploration on the west face.

The Forest Service role in administrating this mining claim is to evaluate and approve a location for their access road and to identify specific mitigation measures required to protect the environment. The rights of appropriate access and exploration is granted to the mineral claimant under current mining law (Mining Law of 1872, and Code of Federal Regulations title 36, part 252).

50 years ago, July 1, 1965

Kiwanis Swim Lessons Ready

Children and young people of Twisp will have the opportunity to begin or continue their swimming training again this summer through the auspices of the Kiwanis Club.

The three-week course of instruction at the Okanogan pool will begin on July 12, with an eight o’clock departure time from the high school bus sheds. Completion of first grade is the only age requirement to enroll.

Kiwanis will provide for the transportation but must know in advance how many plan to participate.

Winthrop Swim Lessons To Start

Winthrop Kiwanis sponsored swimming lessons will be held this year from July 12-23, Monday through Friday at Pearrygin Lake. Instructor will be Bill Wehmeyer.

100 years ago, July 2, 1915

Road Work Starting

Engineer Boetzke, assistant engineer of the state highway department, who will superintend the construction of all state roads in this county, was a brief visitor here Monday.

Work is now under way on road 10 south of Pateros, an important but long neglected part of that thoroughfare.

On road 12, in the Methow valley, a crew is making valuable improvements by widening and surfacing near Methow, and other heavier work is to be commenced in the near future. The delay is due to right-of-way.

Right of way across the Indian allotments near Pateros are expected to be approved by the Indian department, as amended, at an early date, when dirt will be moving along much of the road.