20 years ago, May 25, 1995
File photo by Carol Stull White Buck Museum co-owners Carol and John lester have been collectors for years. Now their collection is on display.

File photo by Carol Stull

White Buck Museum co-owners Carol and John lester have been collectors for years. Now their collection is on display.

50 years ago, May 20, 1965

Winthrop Prom Held

“In the Misty Moonlight” was the theme for the Winthrop high school’s junior-senior prom, which was held Saturday evening in the multi-purpose room.

Royalty for the affair were: Linda Shafer, queen; Ron Rouse, king (both juniors); senior prince and princess, Kelly Hough and Diane Badger; sophomore prince and princess, Pete Edwards and Vicky Funderberg; freshman prince and princess, Larry Kendrick and Linda Eggleston.

Little Gloria Nelson, sister of the queen, and young Roger Boesel were crown bearers.

Music for dancing was furnished by the Crusaders from Wenatchee.

Chaperones were Mr. and Mrs. Phil Kendrick.

80 years ago, May 17, 1935

(from “The Yellow Jacket,” edited by students of Twisp Public Schools)

The Day of Reckoning

Beginning Friday morning we will have 378,000 seconds to go to school of which 54,000 will be spent during the noon hour. Then we have our last day of school, which is the picnic. After that we can’t tell what will happen to each student. Some will work, and some will still continue to loaf even out of school.

Friday Assembly Program

The Friday assembly program was presented by two seventh grade girls, Violet Pidcock and Nellie Libby. The girls sang and accompanied themselves on the accordion and guitar. Everyone enjoyed the entertainment so strongly that the girls were compelled to sing every song they knew, and then repeat them.

First and Second Grades

Billy Therriault, Kay Ellsworth, and Rosemary Thomas have perfect attendance for the year. We hope they continue their good records.

Thirteen pupils have aided the quietness of the room by not talking without permission for the last week. Three pupils have succeeded in keeping “mum” for two weeks. They are Vernon Heath, Louise Holtsclaw, and Hazel Floyd. The motto of the primary room must be, “I won’t talk.”

100 years ago, May 21, 1915

Buying Horses for War

A week from Saturday, May 29, according to posters just issued from this office and advertised in another part of this paper, Moncrieffe Bros. & Walsh will be at the Twisp Transfer barn to buy horses required by the war operations of Europe. Those who have surplus horses will find a cash market for their stock, and at prices said to be higher than could be obtained for the animals on the local market. The announcement of these purchases should be of considerable interest in this locality, as farmers can take advantage of the opportunity to get cash for their horses.

These people have been buying horses throughout the county, and have already shipped several carloads to the front. Prices paid have been very satisfactory, it is claimed, and heavy purchases were made in the Okanogan valley.