Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

March 3

CITIZEN ASSIST: Caller on Bench Drive, Winthrop, asked for assistance because she had locked her keys in the car, which was still running, and her baby and cell phone were inside.

March 4

CIVIL MATTER: Caller on Highway 20, Twisp, reported that a van drove across the grass at that location and left marks in the yard.

March 5

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported on Country Road, Mazama. Cash was taken.

VEHICLE PROWL: Caller reported that a radio had been taken from equipment on Finley Canyon Road, and that the thief had also tried to take a radio from another piece of equipment.

CITIZEN DISPUTE: Caller on Highway 20, Twisp, reported that a former employee who lives next door owns a horse that came onto the caller’s property. The horse’s owner came to get the horse although they had been told not to return to the caller’s property.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: Rocks were reported in the roadway on Highway 20 near Rising Eagle Road.

March 8

WEAPONS OFFENSE: Caller on Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop, reported that they heard gunshots nearby.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller on West Chewuch Road reported that when he left his residence in the morning he set the thermostat at 50 degrees, and now it was set at 70 degrees, and he was concerned that someone might be inside the residence.

Twisp Police Department

March 4

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller reported that a car pulled up to a stop sign on East Second Avenue and stayed there for several minutes, while the car’s occupants were laughing and being loud.

March 5

HARASSMENT: A harassment incident was reported on East Second Avenue.

March 6

FOUND PROPERTY: Some found property was reported on Highway 20.

March 8

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Caller on Ewell Street reported that she and her boyfriend were having an argument, and the boyfriend wanted the caller to leave.

Winthrop Marshal’s Office

March 6

ALCOHOL OFFENSE: Caller on Lufkin Lane reported that a niece was refusing to leave the location with the caller, who said that alcohol was being provided to minors at that location.

March 7

FOUND PROPERTY: A purse was reported being found in a restroom at a location on Riverside Avenue.

Okanogan County District Court

Eric S. Naruszewicz, 42, of Winthrop, pleaded guilty to No Valid Operator’s License. He was sentenced to 90 days with 90 suspended and fined a total of $368.