30 years ago, Feb. 14, 1985

MV Bowling Tournaments

On January 26 and 27, the Methow Valley Men’s Bowling Association held its annual Tournament of Champions. There were 161 entries in four different categories: singles, doubles, three-man team, and five-man team.

Don Johnson was a double winner rolling a 692 to win the Singles Crown and he had a combined score for nine games of 1995 to take the All-Events Title.

This year’s Doubles Champions are Dick Daniels and Ed Schachtschneider. They hit the pins for a nice 1326 total.

The Three-Man Team Title goes to Mike Bourn, George Davelaar, and Marc Davelaar, shooting a high of 1898.

The Five-Man Team event came down to the last two frames on Sunday night with the Tenderfoot team winning by 23 pins with a great score of 3139. Team members include Jim Erickson, sponsor Gene Walker, Jim Thew, Monte Silvernail and Jason Blake.

The Hi-Scratch game went to Bill Morgan with a 235 and the Hi-Scratch series to Don Johnson with a 626.

50 years ago, Feb. 11, 1965

Club Notes

Methow Watershed Riders met at the Charles Flagg home Tuesday evening, February 2, at which new officers were elected: president, Wallace Rainsberry; secretary, Mary McHugh; treasurer, Karen Lorenzen.

Those attending the North Central Border Zone monthly meeting at Chelan this past weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Rainsberry and family, Mrs. Cliff Libby and family, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Imes, Mr. and Mrs. Al Flagg, Bill Flagg, Mary McHugh, and Claude Miller.

School Property To Be Disposed Of Possibly

The Twisp Board of Education met Monday, February 8, in the high school. The main item of business was a discussion of the school properties owned by the school, but no longer used or needed by the district.

The first of these properties discussed was the Carlton school. An attempt was made to determine if any community organization in Carlton would like to take over and be responsible for this property. Mr. Rendell has been trying to find out from the Carlton community if they would be interested in owning and operating the school as a community project. So far little interest has been shown.

The next step would be to sell the property to the highest bidder. The area includes about an acre of land and a building that could be made into a home.

Also discussed was the Beaver Creek property. Mrs. Stokes made a report stating that the community club would like to have the property. The Superintendent of Schools will find out the legal proceedings necessary to turn this property over to the Beaver Creek community and report his findings at the next board meeting. Carlton residents should express their sentiments to Vern Rendell, board member at Carlton. — Fred J. Culbertson, Superintendent

80 years ago, Feb. 8, 1935


From Dick Horn, Azurite Camp, Jan. 31

The Wenatchee tunnel is now 1150 feet in length, and 90 feet more to go until the vein is struck.

Snow slides were very bad this year. On January 21st a slide came down and wrecked our compressor house which delayed work for four days. To play it safe, 20 feet of the shop building is being abandoned. The big horse pasture slide came down and took about fifty yards of that large green timber across the creek with it — and what a sight in the creek bottom! The machine shop that John and I built down at the smelter was wrecked by a slide from the west side, which crossed the creek far enough to smash it. The old Cady buildings down at the erasta are wrecked.

Frank Burns and one of the boys went down to see about Johnny Young, who was staying in Cy Walters’ cabin below the Cady camp. They found the house destroyed by a slide. So there’s nothing definite about him being lost. It is possible he went to his own cabin near the Chancellor plant.

On January 21, at the same time the slide hit the shop building, Chas. Graves was buried beneath a slide at the spring, just north of the kitchen. The entire crew immediately started digging for him, and found him forty minutes afterward. Fortunately he was not hurt, outside of a slight shock.

I understand a search is being made for a man lost in a slide at the Mammoth. Worst slides I ever saw here.

Gene Albin arrived with mail yesterday. He said Horse Heaven cabin was nowhere to be found.

100 years ago, Feb. 12, 1915

Long Jim, the well known Indian and former chief of the Okanogan tribe, has lost three of his children as a result of tuberculosis. Last Wednesday Johnson Long Jim, the 18 year old son of the chief, died at the Long Jim home at the mouth of the Okanogan river. The young man was well known and well liked. He was a student in the Brewster schools and stood well in his classes.

You’ll Find It Here.

For Sale — Seed wheat, blue stem. Contains no Jim Hill Mustard. D.S. Scott, Winthrop.

Lost — Good size black shepherd dog, white on neck and breast, tip of tail white, old. Phone 12m156, W.T. Ramm

Lost — Lady’s gold watch and fob, between Witte ranch and Madding place up west side. A.H.W. engraved on face. Leave at this office, or Witte ranch and receive reward.

Louis Wetsel will buy or sell second hand goods of any description. See him at Twisp.

For Sale — Llewellyn Setter pups. Apply B.W. Filer, Twisp. 30p

Mountain View Dairy will sell its choice dairy stock consisting of 15 milch cows, 8 fresh and 7 soon to be, also choice half-breed Jersey calves. W.M. Rambo, Twisp.