Okanogan County Sheriff

Aug. 25

EXTRA PATROL REQUESTED: Several complaints were registered about speeders on Twisp-Carlton Road, the detour for Highway 153.

CIVIL MATTER: Caller on Wolf Creek Road, Winthrop, reported a renter had caused major damage to a property and used the owner’s credit cards.

STRAY ANIMALS: It was reported that five or six cattle were wandering on Goat Creek Road near Mazama.

JUVENILE PROBLEM: Caller in Twisp reported that their teenage daughter had jumped out of a vehicle after the parent and child had a verbal fight.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: A suspicious vehicle was reported in the area of Hamilton Ranch Loop Road, Winthrop.

STRAY ANIMALS: An ongoing problem with stray cattle was reported on Twisp-Carlton Road.

Aug. 26

EXTRA PATROLS REQUESTED: High-speed traffic was reported on Twisp-Carlton Road.

ABANDONED VEHICLE: An abandoned vehicle was reported on Twisp-Carlton Road.

Aug. 27

ASSAULT: An assault was reported on Highway 153, Carlton; one person was taken into custody.

EXTRA PATROLS REQUESTED: Extra patrols were requested for speeders and drivers crossing the yellow no-passing lines on Twisp-Carlton Road.

Aug. 28

THEFT: Caller on French Creek Road, Methow, reported that a neighbor told the caller that someone was looting their property.

INTOXICATION: It was reported that man on Benson Creek Drive, Twisp, was intoxicated, holding a beer can and refusing to leave.

Sept. 1

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported on Bear Orchard Road, Winthrop.

ILLEGAL BURNING: Caller reported a man with a bicycle was camping on Highway 20 near Winthrop and had a small fire going.

Sept. 3

HUNTING ISSUE: It was reported that the driver of a truck asked permission to cross residential lots in the Liberty Lane area, Winthrop, to get to U.S. Forest Service land for bow hunting, although the area is posted.

Sept. 4

ABANDONED VEHICLE: Caller on Twisp River Road reported that a car had been abandoned in her yard.

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: A non-injury accident was reported on Twisp-Carlton Road, resulting in one vehicle going into the river.

Sept. 5

LOST PROPERTY: Caller reported that she thought she had left her cell phone at a parking lot near Patterson Mountain, Winthrop.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: Caller on Sirinok Lane, Winthrop, reported that four horses were in the caller’s yard, and they did not know the owner.

Sept. 7

BURGLARY ALARM: A burglary alarm was reported on Wolfden Road, Winthrop.

VEHICLE PROBLEM: Caller said they were concerned about a pickup towing a trailer on Gunn Ranch Road, Winthrop, which was sitting in the roadway.

THEFT: Several people left an establishment in Mazama without paying.

Twisp Police Department

Aug. 26

PERSONAL WELFARE CHECK: A check on the personal welfare of a person on North Methow Valley Highway was requested.

Aug. 27

ASSAULT: It was reported that a man and a woman were having a fight on South Methow Valley Highway.

Aug. 28

PARKING PROBLEMS: Parking problems were reported on North Lincoln Street.

MEDICAL PROBLEM: It was reported that a man on East Methow  Valley Highway was bleeding from the head with an unexplained wound.

Aug. 29

VEHICLE PROWL: Someone was reported prowling a vehicle on North Methow Valley Highway.

Sept. 2

THEFT: A theft was reported on Glover  Street.

ILLEGAL BURNING: Illegal burning of garbage was reported on Magers Street.

Sept. 3

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Establishment on East Methow Valley Highway reported that a man had been coming in and out of the store all day, swearing. The man was asked to leave and kicked a barbecue on the way out.

STRAY ANIMAL: An apparently stray dog was reported on East Third Avenue.

Sept. 5

UNSECURED PREMISES: An unsecured building was reported on South Glover Street.

Sept. 6

DISABLED VEHICLE: A disabled vehicle was reported on Bridge Street, Winthrop.

DISABLED VEHICLE: A disabled vehicle was reported on East Methow Valley Highway.

Sept. 7

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: It was reported that two man were fighting outside on West Second Avenue and had damaged some mailboxes.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Caller on West Second Avenue reported they were in a domestic dispute with a violent person.

Winthrop Marshal’s Office

Aug. 27

BURGLARY ALARM: A burglary alarm was reported on Highway 20.

Aug. 28

FRAUD: Person on Englar Street reported an attempted fraud perpetrated by a caller who said the person had received a Clearing House prize.

Sept. 2

INJURED ANIMAL: An injured deer was reported on Wolf Creek Road.

INJURY ACCIDENT: An injury accident was reported on Highway 20 near Mazama.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: it was reported that a man came to a yard sale on Main Street and wanted to buy a car.

Sept. 4

WARRANT ARREST: A warrant arrest was conducted on Riverside Avenue.

Sept. 5

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: A non-injury accident involving a deer and a motorcycle was reported at Highway 20 and Piney Woods Road.

Sept. 6

ANIMAL PROBLEM: It was reported that a dog was locked in a truck on Bridge Street and appeared to be in distress.

ANIMAL ABUSE: It was reported that two dogs were locked inside a truck on Riverside Avenue and were barking.

Sept. 7

ANIMAL ABUSE: It was reported that two vehicles with dogs locked inside were spotted on Riverside Avenue.

Okanogan County Superior Court

Christopher Kelly Cramer, 43, of Twisp, pleaded guilty to Harassment Threats to Kill. He was sentenced to six months and fined a total of $600.