Fire managers reported 100-percent containment on all three major wildfires in the Methow Valley as of Monday (Aug. 25).

Fire activity on the Upper Falls Fire, which burned 8,100 acres in the Chewuch drainage, is limited to smoldering in heavy dead and downed fuels. Crews are continuing suppression-repair work on the fire.

The Little Bridge Creek Fire, which burned 5,000 acres in the Twisp River drainage, also shows some smoldering.

The largest of the fires, the Carlton Complex Fire, at more than 256,000 acres, is still undergoing suppression repair.

Approximately 317 personnel are still assigned to the three fires but demobilization is continuing.

Most roads and trails near the fire areas have been reopened by the Methow Valley Ranger District, including Twisp River trails and campgrounds and all of West Chewuch Road.

Some areas near the Upper Falls Fire remain closed, including the Eightmile and Falls Creek drainages. Nearby campgrounds including Honeymoon, Ruffed Grouse and Buck Lake, and the Billy Goat and Lake Creek trails are also closed.

Finley Canyon Road, where it enters the National Forest, and Polepick Mountain Road on Highway 20 heading to Loup Loup Pass are still impassable and closed.

For up-to-date information, call the Ranger District at 996-4003 or visit and click on Current Fire Area Closures on the right.