Saturday, August 23, 2014


TWISP, WA:  Scattered showers and thunderstorms were predicted through Friday evening with the potential for additional flash flooding. Luckily, storms skirted around the locations of the fires and fire camp, giving personnel time to regroup and focus on mop up operations, suppression repair work and cleaning up fire camp. Saturday is predicted to see a return of drier and warmer conditions. Fire fighters will take advantage of the drying out and continue to mop-up, chip along contingent lines, and back haul equipment off the Upper Falls and Little Bridge Creek fires.

Fire suppression repair will remain the focus on the Carlton Complex. Much of the Forest closures associated within the Little Bridge Creek Fire have been lifted. See the forest website for details of closures.


Crews did initial attack one small single tree fire started by lightning. The fire was quickly suppressed.


Approximately 500 fire personnel still remain assigned to the three fires. However, large scale demobilization is in process and crews will be heading back to their home units.



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