A motorcyclist and his passenger, both from Oregon, were hospitalized Sunday (Aug. 17) with injuries resulting from a three-motorcycle crash on Highway 20 about four miles west of Mazama, according to the Washington State Patrol (WSP).

The WSP report said that motorcycle operated by Alain P. Cote, 59, of Calgary, Alberta, another motorcycle operated by John W. Crocker, 59, also of Calgary, and a third motorcycle operated by Ronald L. Garner, 51, of Spirit Lake, Oregon, were all eastbound around milepost 175 at about 12:10 p.m., when Cote slowed to turn left into the Klipchuck campground. Crocker and Garner both slowed but could not stop and their bikes fell over, the WSP reported.

Cote was not injured, nor was his motorcycle damaged, the report said. Crocker was injured and treated at the scene, and his damaged motorcycle was towed away, according to the WSP. Garner was injured and taken to Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster. A passenger on Garner’s motorcycle, Teresa M. Henderson, 53, also of Spirit Lake, was injured and airlifted to Central Washington Hospital, the WSP report said. Garner’s motorcycle was also damaged and removed from the scene.

The report cited inattention as the cause of the accident. There was no report of charges being filed. Everyone involved was wearing a legal helmet and there were no drugs or alcohol involved, according to the WSP.