The trial over the legality of a small cabin built atop Flagg Mountain in 2012 is running longer than originally expected, and was continuing this week in Okanogan County Superior Court before Judge Chris Culp.

The trial was scheduled to last four days last week, but observers and interested parties said they expected that at least Monday and Tuesday of this week would be needed to complete testimony and closing arguments.

The suit was initially brought in 2013 by former owners of the 10.5-acre site on which the cabin is built, who cite what they claim are binding covenants prohibiting any structure that compromises views from the valley floor. The remaining plaintiffs are Steve and Kristin Devin of Mazama. The defendants are the cabin’s Seattle-based owners James Dow, Tom and Jeannie Kundig, and Ben Rand.

Culp is expected to rule on the case in early October.

A nonprofit organization, Move the Hut, was formed last year to back a legal challenge to the cabin. According to Bill Pope, an organizer of Move the Hut, more than 30 people filled the gallery on the first day of the trial.