Bob Spiwak Monkey MazamaBy Bob Spiwak

Here it is Monday morning (Aug. 11) and the sky is full of smoke. It seems to be bothering quite a few peoples’ breathing, but thus far while I have noticed no ill effects.

A familiar refrain these days is something along the order of “I am so sick of the fire and of talking about it.” Well, not much can be done about the first portion of that comment, and second comment seems to be oxymoronic as the speaker then continues with fire tales. And now the weather forecast as of this morning took a little bit of priority at SLIME, along with the fires, golf at Gamble Sands, fishing the Methow River and where, and trying to contain my ebullient yearling new dog.

From the Mazama Store comes the word that pizza night festivities have been cancelled, at least for the remaining days of August. What happens the following months has yet to be decided. However, bratwurst (not worst brat) night will continue on Friday evenings along with suds to increase the beerdom of the evening. The accompanying farmers market will make its appearance on the store’s patio instead of right field where it was tried and turned into a foul ball. It is not only for farmers or produce, which are welcome of course, but consider it more of a flea market. You wanna sell something? That may be the place.

It is also the place to make donations for The Cove, which is handling all cash donations for valley fire victims. With justifiable pride of our community, store owners Rick and Missy LeDuc said that the donation jar in the store yielded $1,500 last week; $3,000 was donated by the store and another $2,500 came from a source either unknown or an anonymous don’t-use-my-name philanthropist. That’s a good week’s take for the unfortunate, and will help The Cove, which had to cancel this month’s golf tournament, a major fundraiser.

Getting back to the fires, Saturday evening produced a small amount of ash falling like unwashed snowflakes down here in the Boesel non-plex, and heavier amounts descended on urban Mazama at least, from reports we’ve gotten. If you are sprinkling your lawn, it is our suggestion that you move the Rain-Birds from the greenery to the scrub or old dead grass on the periphery of the area. Remember, it only takes one spark, one hot ash to morph into a conflagration.

And to paraphrase the mountain men of old, “Keep your powder wet.”