By Laurelle Walsh

Fresh Greens, the Methow Valley’s first marijuana retailer, is up and running despite some unplanned downtime on its opening week, according to owner Austin Lott.

The store had a “quiet opening” on July 17 after receiving its first product delivery the night before, Lott said. “Everything went great until the power went out” the same afternoon due to the Carlton Complex Fire, he said.

Lott closed up shop and Fresh Greens remained closed until power was restored on July 25, he said.

Business has been fairly slow since then, Lott said. “I just have to get through this first year.”

One of his ongoing business challenges will be the location of his shop in Horizon Flats, well out of view of the throngs of visitors on Winthrop’s main street, Lott acknowledges. He hopes that, in time, “pot tourism” will develop in Washington, as it has in Colorado, and out-of-town visitors will become aware of his location.

While he hasn’t done any advertising yet, Lott is developing Fresh Greens’ Facebook page, and he plans to expand the business’s listing on the website, he said.

Fresh Greens is located at 29 Horizon Flats Road in Winthrop. Call 996-2025 for more information.