MVSeniorCenterBy Susie Heller

Wasn’t the Fourth of July great? I wonder how many of you attended the parade, always a favorite of mine. I especially like the firefighters spraying the bystanders. Such a hometown offering. Love it.

We live in a country that at times we take for granted. We have so many freedoms and blessings. There are no armies marching down our streets, no terrorists around every corner, nor do we have to step over land mines. We are so fortunate that we can write our beliefs about government without being arrested. Yup. Freedom is grand, but was bought with a high price. I have often wondered how Thomas Jefferson felt writing the Declaration of Independence and those brave men who signed it. Had the war ended differently, they would have been put to death. As I look at the people in power now, I wonder how many would have had such brave and honorable convictions. 

The weather has been great and conducive to picnics and camping. One doesn’t have to look far to see that all the campgrounds are full, kids having fun in the water and sun. 

On July 23, Rosalie and Connie are planning a barbecue here for all members of the Senior Center. It should be a great feed with those two in charge. Remember, annual dues are only $1.25, entitling you to the best food in town for a small fee.

Grady Mathis is our senior of the month. Way to go, Grady. When one is chosen for this honor, he or she gets a free lunch and to be first in line for the wonderful food prepared by Donna.

We are now collecting for our annual winter sale. If you have nice, clean usable winter clothing, bring it in. This sale is a blessing for families outfitting themselves with winter wear and recreation gear. Thanks to all of you who bring us things!

Senior menu

Thursday, July 10: Meat loaf, potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, spring salad, fruit salad, whole wheat roll, brownie.

Friday, July 11: Salmon, rice, peas and carrots, coleslaw, peaches, cheesy bread, berry cobbler.

Monday, July 14: Vegetable lasagna, Caesar salad, cantaloupe, watermelon, garlic bread, ice cream.

Thursday, July 17: Chicken cordon bleu, chive mashed potatoes, beets, spinach salad, apricots, whole wheat roll, lemon bars.

Friday, July 18: Spaghetti with meat sauce, corn, green salad, garlic bread, rhubarb cobbler.

Meals are at noon in the Methow Valley Senior Center on Highway 20 in Twisp. The suggested donation is $3.25 for seniors over age 60; cost is $8 for those under 60. For more information, call 997-7722.