Ashley LodatoBy Ashley Lodato

Saturday’s art dedication at the Twisp Ponds introduced the community to Steve Love’s piece titled simply “Twisp.” The bronze spiral of swarming wasps rests near a cluster of river rocks and cast aluminum Chinook salmon, illustrating the way that the stinging insects would crowd to feed on the carcasses of salmon during the spawning season.

Steve, who is known to most of us as a man of few words, spoke at length and from the heart about his piece, its design, and the creation process. He then invited those present at the dedication to think about their connection to the area and its history.

“Twisp” joins other permanent art pieces by Cordelia Bradburn, Dan Brown and Bruce Morrison at the Ponds. Bruce, who was also at the dedication, says that like Bernie Hosey’s spheres, “Twisp” is one of the most important and iconic pieces of public art in the valley. Try to take an hour in the coming summer months to visit the Ponds and explore the confluence of nature and art in a magical setting.

While some people were appreciating art on Saturday, others were practicing athleticism. The parent-kid medley relay following Saturday’s Killer Whales home swim meet inspired several adults to dust off their athletic prowess and show off the butterfly and breast strokes they perfected in high school and college.

Three heats of five teams, generally comprised of two kids and two parents (some of whom had not come prepared to swim and simply jumped in the pool clad in the shorts and T-shirts they had worn all day to the meet), competed in the loosely organized medley relays, with only honor and glory—and probably a few sore latissimus dorsi and deltoids muscles—as their reward. Coach Jeanne White’s voluntary participation in the relay spared her the traditional coach’s birthday surprise of being thrown in the pool by one’s swimmers.

If you lost a round silver earring about the size of a half dollar, with a blue stone in the middle, let me know; it was found on the sidewalk at the northwest end of Winthrop over the weekend.

Finally, it’s not too late to volunteer for Arts Fest, which will take place on Friday (July 4) in the Twisp town park. If you’re new to the valley, this is a great way to get to know people. Plus, you’ll get to watch the pie-eating and hula-hooping contests, and as we’re quickly learning, we have some amazing pie eaters and hula hoopers in this valley! Call Methow Arts at 997-4004 if you want to be involved.