Thanks for pool support

Dear Editor:

The Auxiliary of the Eagles put on a delicious fundraiser for Friends of the Pool last weekend. What a wonderful group of people to put on the spaghetti feed. They asked for our list of what needs to be accomplished and said they would see what they can do.

We need a new circulating pump, separate hot water for the girls’ showers, new buoys for the lifeguards, a lifeguard chair, shower faucet upgrades and various other projects including upgrading the front office. Above all, sometime soon we need to re-line the pool to get a few more years out of our aging facility. Better yet, a new pool is part of the dream.

If you missed the dinner you missed good food and great people. Thanks from all the Friends of the Pool to the Women’s Auxiliary of the Eagles. Anyone wishing to donate can send a check to Friends of the Pool, P.O. Box 438, Twisp, WA 98856.

Patty Yates, Twisp

Brewfest a success

Dear Editor:

The Winthrop Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following sponsors for their help in making the first annual Winthrop Hop Rendezvous Brewfest a great success. Sponsors include Rocking Horse Bakery, Common Sense Custom Homes, Methow River Lodge and Cabins, River Run Inn, and Blue Sky Real Estate. Methow Ice Company donated all the ice. Ninkasi Brewery from Eugene, Oregon, provided 13 volunteers and donated their beer. Kulshan donated their beer as well. The Winthrop Barn donated use of its tables and chairs. Putting it all together were Laura Ruud and Vicki Caldwell from Old School House Brewery. 

Thanks again for everyone’s help in putting it all together. We are in the planning stages for next year’s event.

David Gottula, Vice-president, Winthrop Chamber of Commerce

Speed limit changes next?

Dear Editor:

Do you believe that all citizens of Okanogan County have an investment in our county roads? Do you expect a certain amount of consideration from our county commissioners as to their duty to maintain all roadways for the use for which they are intended?

Primary, secondary and connector roads that are 40 to 50 mph are major routes of travel to our jobs, towns, schools, doctors and yes, the county courthouse. They serve to bring agricultural products to market, deliver lumber and concrete to work areas, and take our children to and from school.

Surely by now, the county commissioners understand that it is illegal by state law to allow ATVs on any road over 35 mph; yet again and again we hear Methow Valley on-road ATV advocates tell the commissioners they want to come to Twisp and Winthrop on these roads and not once have I heard the commissioners tell them “nope, we can’t do that.” Are they really considering that possibility?

As a citizen of Okanogan County I don’t believe our 40 to 50 mph primary, secondary and connector roads should have speed limit changes to 35 mph just so ATVs can use them. Do you? If you live on the East and West Chewuch, Twin Lakes, East County, Wolf Creek, Patterson Lake, paved portion of Upper Beaver Creek, Twisp-Carlton, Bear Creek or Twisp River roads, you should be aware that your roadway may be a target for speed limit changes.

Roxie Miller, Winthrop

22 years, 4 months

Dear Editor:

Back in 1992, I was offered a job by Ron and Chrystal Perrow to work the front desk at the Methow Valley News. I was hesitant to accept the position; not knowing whether or not I was up to the task. Thanks to encouragement from Chrystal as well as my ever-supportive husband, Tom, I took the job. Twenty-two years and four months later, I find that it is time to take off my “I Am The Boss” hat, and give it to Rebecca Walker, who will wear it proudly.

I can’t leave without thanking Don Nelson, Paul Butler, Lee Hicks and Ron Perrow for the faith they placed in me over the years. It’s the best job I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some really good jobs over the years). I think that many people get up in the morning thinking “I have to go to work.” Me, I’ve always thought “I get to go to work!”

Thanks, too, to all my co-workers (now friends). You’re the best, and thanks for turning in your time sheets (mostly) on time.

Marilyn J. Bardin, Twisp