Compiled by Laurelle Walsh

20 years ago — June 30, 1994

OVER THE TOP. That is where the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues organizers helped the Methow Valley AAU Boys basketball team. Jim Smith (second from left), representing the R&B, hands the $500 check over to coach Charlie Lehman (to his right).

OVER THE TOP. That is where the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues organizers helped the Methow Valley AAU Boys basketball team. Jim Smith (second from left), representing the R&B, hands the $500 check over to coach Charlie Lehman (to his right).

40 years ago — June 27, 1974

Swimming Pool Opens in Twisp

The Ernst O. Wagner Memorial Pool and Bathhouse in the Twisp park officially opened Monday, June 24 following renovation work which delayed the regular season opening by about three weeks.

Dan Nohel is the lifeguard and swim instructor as he was last year. Verna Bond is manager of the pool and bathhouse.

The pool will be open to the general public Monday through Saturday from 1 – 5 p.m. and 7 – 9 p.m.

An Adult Swim and Stay Fit Class will be conducted daily (except Sundays) from 12 – 1 p.m. and from 6 – 7 p.m. for those 21 years of age and older.

Daily tickets will be: adults, 50 cents; junior and senior high school students, 25 cents; grade school pupils through the sixth grade, 15 cents.

Season tickets will cost: family, $20; adults, $8; jr. and sr. high students, $6; grades through 6th, $4.

Lessons will be announced in next week’s issue of the M.V. News.

60 years ago — July 1, 1954

Old Timers Play Friday

It must be the weather, a few warm days and some guys get ideas — and what ideas!

Several has-beens have been dreaming of days gone by and have let their imagination get away with their better judgment. Anyway, this is the story…

Friday night, following the Merc-Winthrop Kiwanis little league game, a bunch of the old-timers are going to take on the Twisp-Winthrop American Legion team. Now before you jump to conclusions, listen to the list of players tentatively inveigled into making their appearance on the baseball diamond…Crooked arm Jim Lemaster, Slippery Skeets Gaston, Pretty Boy Ron Roark, old Rifle Arm Bud Peters, “I can do it too” Swede Logan, Youthful Jim Parrish to list a few of the former stars. Just how many innings they can stagger thru is the big question, and if you think the accent is on youth…pity the oldsters and give them encouragement.

Geologist and Family To Spend Summer Here

Mr. and Mrs. Julian D. Barksdale and son Tucker arrived here last week and are making their regular summer camp at Early Winters. Barksdale is a professor of geology at the University of Washington and has spent the summers studying the rock formations on the mountains of the upper Methow Valley since 1939. The only exception to his yearly trips were during the years of the war.

80 years ago — June 29, 1934


M.E. Alexander, formerly of Carlton, but for the past few years operating the local telephone exchange at Tonasket, is back to the old stand again with a new stock of groceries and meats, as my be noted in ad in this paper. The telephone business at Tonasket has been leased.

The new store has been opened in a building recently built and remodeled to suit. Mr. Alexander is now installing a large ice box where he will keep his meats or other perishables, and will have a modern storeplant.


It was a gay party, large in numbers, that responded to the cordial invitations of Capt. Byron W. Gray and officers and men to attend another dancing party at Gold Creek CCC Camp F-65 Wednesday evening. In the ensemble of those present could be seen happy faces from Winthrop to Pateros, an all having a good time …

Coffee, sandwiches and cake were served at a seasonable hour by a competent culinary force, and on went the dancing — declared a most enjoyable party by all in attendance.

100 years ago — July 3, 1914

Our Twelfth Year

We know of three good reasons why this week’s paper should be printed in red, white and blue, the patriotic hues, and there is rejoicing in the abode of the METHOW VALLEY NEWS.

One — It is the Fourth of July.

Two — It is the NEWS’ twelfth year.

Three — The first anniversary in our own brand new home.

Only the pressure of other more important matters prevents the outward expression of our celebration in this matter, which we are inwardly exulting so exuberantly about. Eleven years ago, on July 10, 1903, the NEWS was born in a little room only 16×20 feet. This was increased from time to time to 16×30 and then to 16×40, when the limit of an increase without a new building was exhausted, but the need for more room becoming constantly stronger. There was no way out of it — a new building had to be. Shutting out vision as to the surmounting impossibilities surrounding so tremendous a venture, and with dreams of all the money there was in the world which might be profitably employed, though we owned it not, nor did we care to, and with dreams of the pleasantness of our own home, where we could meet ourselves coming around the block and shake hands each morning with our landlord, without the need of a checkbook, we beset our energies upon the chief duties of the time, and bought lots and a building was erected thereupon, on a foundation to endure.