Ashley LodatoBy Ashley Lodato

Just when you think it’s a regular old Methow day, you glance out your Pine Forest kitchen window and see not a mule deer, but a moose! At least, that’s what happens if you’re Adam Fulton. Many of us live here for many years without catching a glimpse of the largest member of the deer family, but Adam got lucky and was able to watch the ambling fellow, who munched some leaves before walking slowly but decisively away. 

Adam seems to have a way of falling into adventures, the least of which was last week’s moose-capade. His recent quest for a donor car to convert to an electric vehicle, for example, led him straight to a Porsche 914 with a sale price of $900, which would have been a steal but for the missing window, inadequate tires, cat-pee-soaked cushions, and the avalanche of rust that let loose whenever the frame was tapped. Adam says he succumbed to a “rare voice of sensibility” and, like the moose, just walked away.

If you’ve been listening to KTRT you may have been hearing elementary school students’ audio clips of book recommendations. Should you or your child feel inclined to read one of the recommended books, you can get it at Trail’s End Bookstore or at one of the local libraries. Checking out one of these books would be a great way to kick off the summer reading program for students.

Kids—do you know that you can win prizes for logging your hours of reading? Check with Terry in Twisp or Sally at the Winthrop Library to get details about the summer reading program. I’ve seen the Twisp display and I recently spoke with Sally about all the many great prizes she has at the Winthrop Library for kids who log their reading hours. And the best reward of all is, of course, the many places you’ll go while reading a book.

The other day I was at Methow Recycles and the volunteers were hard at work. Suddenly the Blakeslees arrived, Al with a pan of cookies and Koko with two huge bundles of peonies. Everyone took a break for a moment to sample the cookies and admire the flowers, and the recycling center seemed like a great place to be a volunteer.

You can see where this is going, can’t you? Yes, Methow Recycles needs some more volunteers — no experience necessary. If we all want by-donation recycling to continue to be an option in the valley, we need to help the recycling center remain staffed with volunteers. Contact Susan at 997-0520 if you’d like to get involved. I bet Koko will bring you a cookie if you do.