By Mike Maltais

The first annual Methow Singletrack Solstice, a fundraiser hosted last weekend by the Methow chapter of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, was an unqualified success from both the standpoint of revenue generated and participation, said Methow chapter board member Joe Brown, co-owner of Methow Cycle and Sport in Winthrop.

“The whole point of the event was to be a fundraiser and that part went really well,” Brown said.

Brown said plans are already in the works for a second Solstice event next year that should be even better, based on what the group learned from their first experience.

One of the activities supported by the group is a monthly trail work party in conjunction with the Forest Service.

“The next one is July 13 on the Cutthroat Trail,” Brown said.

Earlier this year, the Cutthroat Trail was one of two popular local trails that sustained major slide damage.