By Marina Bianchi


I am from tall mountains, and pristine rivers

from badminton games on the lawn I helped grow myself,

from snow forts and tree forts and a love of the earth

I am from bad jokes and seal laughs,

I am from “try it, it’s new” and “never give up”

for I am only a leaf on my family tree,

with all my past supporting me

I am from taking risks and crossing countries,

from climbing mountains and surfing seas

I am from city lights and sunday games on the TV

I am from places I could never belong

Y lugares ojalá pudiera (And places I wish I could)

I am from hot chocolate by the fire,

from playmobiles and webkinz,

from friendship and exploration,

I am from watermelon for dinner on hot summer days

and Lord of The Rings on Christmas

I am from the farmers market, and peaches the size of my head,

from Bit O’ Honey at the gas station, and ice cream at Sheri’s

I am from running and jumping off the cliff of uncertainty,

and then soaring through the canyons beneath it.

Marina Bianchi, 14, lived in the Methow Valley for seven years and now lives on Bainbridge Island.