Sally Gracie TwispBy Sally Gracie

Art Walk 2014 was the best ever. All of Glover Street was closed to vehicles, freeing art lovers to walk from Twisp Avenue to the highway — from The Studio and the Glover Street Market to TwispWorks — and to visit all the attractions along the way.

Lying down in the middle of Glover Street, a ripple in the “human river,” I viewed the buildings from a new and topsy-turvy perspective. I took photos of the tilted Confluence Gallery with my phone and tried to take a photo of Mike Port’s 1957 Piper Cub as he made overhead. All I got was blue sky.

Photo by Sally Gracie

Photo by Sally Gracie

The one photo the flying photographer Ray Johnston has posted online shows our ‘river’ to be pretty dry. For a future attempt, maybe the art community should consider removing some of the pesky buildings that blocked Ray’s view of the street. Also, how about a few paramedics to haul the elderly up from the pavement would be useful next time?

Fortunately, I had the artist Vern White (aka Vblast) help me regain my footing. The “Our River” exhibit at the gallery deserves a visit from you. Some of Vern’s paintings hang in the gallery’s restroom, making the use of those facilities a psychedelic experience.

Congratulations to all the graduates of Liberty Bell High School, and especially to Lilly Schlotzhauer, Estrella Corrigan and Fletcher Rickabaugh. All are close friends of my granddaughter’s. These young adults were just 3 years old when I moved here, and I’ve loved them ever since.

Congratulations also to Allie Johnson (LBHS, class of 2010), daughter of Howie and Liz Johnson of Twisp, who graduated with high honors from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on May 18. At a reception on the Friday of graduation weekend, Liz and Howie watched Allie receive a Senior Leadership Award in recognition of her overall contribution to university life.

At a breakfast the next day, Allie was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. (Her overall GPA for her four years at CMU was 3.92). Also on Saturday, Allie received a University Honors medal from the School of Computer Science (SCS). Her sister Katy (LBHS, class of 2011), her grandfather Charlie Adams and Liz’s brother Charles joined her parents for Allie’s graduation ceremony as Allie marched in the processional of nearly 3,000 graduates; she received her diploma after that at the smaller SCS ceremony.

Liz says in an email, “CMU mercifully breaks down the diploma ceremonies by school, so you only have to sit through 300 names instead of 3,000 … Monday, Howie and I showed up at Allie’s [Alpha Chi Omega] sorority house at 8 a.m. to get her moved out by noon. Fifteen boxes and four hours later, we were done.” On Tuesday, Allie was off to Europe for six weeks.

Allie will spend the month of July here in the valley. In August she will move to Mountain View, California, to join a Silicon Valley company called Polyvore. As two of Allie’s areas of interest have long been home design and fashion, the startup social media site for fashion and design seem a perfect match for her. Many of her friends from CMU, the top-ranked computer science school in the country, will also be in Silicon Valley.