By Don Nelson

Twisp police have one suspect in custody and have identified another person of interest in connection with the beating and apparent robbery of a Twisp man last week.

Twisp Police Chief Paul Budrow said that relatives of Thomas Miller, who lives near the intersection of Magers Street and Twisp Avenue, checked in on Miller last Friday (June 6) and found him severely beaten.

Budrow said that officers found Miller with a swollen eye, possibly broken nose, and bleeding from his nose, eyes, ears and scalp. It was later determined that Miller had suffered a concussion, Budrow said. “He was beat up pretty bad,” Budrow said. Miller didn’t remember what had happened to him, Budrow added.

The chief said that Miller is approved to grow and harvest marijuana at his home for medical purposes. Budrow said that during his investigation of the house and yard, he determined that several of Miller’s marijuana plants had been dug up and apparently stolen.

Miller was first taken to Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster and later transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where he remained as of Tuesday, Budrow said.

At first, Miller did not remember anything about the attack. By Sunday, Miller’s memory began to return and he was interviewed by officers from the Seattle Police Department. Budrow said that Miller identified a possible attacker during that interview.

The person Miller named is known to local law enforcement, Budrow. The suspect was arrested at his Twisp home on Monday (June 9) and transported to the Okanogan County jail, where he awaits formal charges.

Budrow said three other possible suspects were identified during the investigation. Two had alibis and the third remains a person of interest.

Budrow said that Miller’s beating was so severe that it appears more than one person may have been involved. Miller typically left his doors unlocked and there was no sign of the struggle in his home, Budrow said.

Anyone with additional information about the incident is encouraged to call the Twisp Police Department at 997-6112.