The Lost River Airport Homeowners’ Association has applied to Okanogan County to revise the plat maps to reflect current conditions on the ground. The change would vacate part of a road between Meek and Susan roads that was never built, according to Okanogan County Senior Planner Ben Rough. The land from the vacated road would be annexed to three lots adjacent to the vacated road.

Plat maps would be revised to show an extension of Susan Road, which connects to Rainbow Road, which is where the road was actually constructed, said Rough. The land for that road would come from the adjacent parcel.

There is no construction planned in conjunction with the administrative changes, according to the application.

The Okanogan County planning director has determined the change would have no environmental significance. The ruling can be appealed in writing to the Okanogan County commissioners at by Thursday (May 29).

For more information, contact Rough at (509) 422-7122 or