Ashley LodatoBy Ashley Lodato

Olivia Rose and some fellow Unitarians are celebrating spring and outdoor recreation by giving the gift of state park access to some Methow Valley families. When Olivia learned that some families cannot afford the price of the Discover Pass that would allow them entry to state parks, she spread the word at the Unitarian fellowship and found enough sponsors to provide 10 valley families with Discover Passes. This project will allow many people in the valley to discover some of our great outdoor areas. The Unitarians are collaborating with Room One to identify the families.

In other sponsorship news, the African dinner put on by Charlotte and Robert Nelson and hosted by tireless Congo fundraisers Wayne and Linda Mendro was apparently a great success. Thanks to the generosity of all who attended the dinner, four more orphans in Lubumbashi will be sponsored, bringing the total number of kids who are sponsored by the Mendros’ community to 82.

They’re still hoping to sponsor 20 more, however. Linda is now training for a mini-triathlon (swim one-half mile, bike 12.5 miles, run 3 miles) that she’ll be doing in July to further raise funds, should anyone want to make pledges for this effort. “Mungu akubariki,” say Linda and Wayne.

You may have seen Remington Rohrer at the front desk at the U.S. Forest Service office in Winthrop recently. Remington just received his master’s degree in accounting from Gonzaga University and will be working at the Forest Service throughout this season while he goes through the four-part CPA exam. Congratulations, Remington, and good luck!

Second graders at Methow Valley Elementary traveled to the Paschal Sherman Indian School’s annual Sunflower Festival last Friday, to meet the pen pals they’ve been corresponding with all year as well as to take part in the festivities, such as dancing and drumming exhibitions, storytelling sessions, and stick games. At lunch, the kids’ Paschal Sherman counterparts treated them to some samples of traditional food, with menu items both familiar (salmon, venison) and foreign (bitterroot, camas root, snowberry ice cream).

Robert Frost told us that “good fences make good neighbors,” but Carl Miller has put a Methow twist on that nugget of wisdom. Speaking to a full house at the Methow Conservancy’s “Celebrate Your Impact” party (which honored the completion of the Imagine the Methow campaign), Carl reminded us all to “be good neighbors—pull your weeds.”