Nimrods hoping to draw special Washington state permits for the pursuit of fall elk, deer, mountain goat, goose, bighorn sheep, and turkey have until May 22 to get their applications in.

Winners will be selected through a random drawing conducted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) in late June. The special permits qualify hunters to hunt at times and places beyond those authorized by a general hunting license.

Hunters must purchase an application and necessary hunting licenses for each species they wish to hunt and then submit that application.

Applications and licenses are available from license vendors statewide or online at Applications must be submitted on that website or by calling (877) 945-3492 toll-free.

Most special hunt permit applications cost $7.10 for residents, $110.50 for non-residents, and $3.80 for youth under 16 years of age.

Results of the special-permit drawing will be available online by the end of June at Winners will be notified by mail by mid-July.